Saturday, September 15, 2007

mouth agape....

Ok so we all understand that quite often blogs provide unsubstantiated claims....doesn't mean they're false....just unsubstantiated.

I went down this rabbithole last night and my head is still reeling.

I would say this all too preposterous to believe, but just read the comment thread from beggining to end...I don't think Truman Capote could make this shit up.

At 11:35 AM, Damon Kruezer said...

I am the last gay reporter to have talked with murder defendant Harlow Cuadra the day before his arrest 5/14/07. Cuadra and his partner Joe Kerekes ran the Virginia escort service Norfolk Companions. In my hour and a quarter interview with Cuadra, Joe sometimes interjected some comments, including this one which in hindsight I find particularly intriguing:

"Damon your readers don't know who we service, we've got guys working the DC crowd including someone in that whitey house and the one who consults for him in Florida..."

I didn't use that quote back in May because my focus was only on Harlow Cuadra at the time, but in light of subsequent events it takes on major significance.

FACT: Norfolk Companions had up to 40 escorts working with them at various times, most of them very young, unsophisticated (18-22) Navy types recruited from the nearby naval base who wanted to make some quick and easy cash.

FACT: Many Washington politicos regularly visit the Norfolk, Virginia area in connection with the naval base.

FACT: Murder victim and Florida based Republican political consultant had a major Karl Rove connection. Karl Rove until recently was deputy White House chief of staff.

Subsequent events being Rove's resignation? This shit is outrageous. Although it may explain why Karl Rove freaked out when Sheryl Crow touched him.

Updated: Dude....don't even go down this's neverending. I spent the past two hours following link after link and the whole thing is like the JFK conspiracy. It's unvbelievable....I'm just gonna wait and let the pro's sift through this. The good news is, it makes Vitty Cent's transgressions look G-rated. North Carolina and Virginia totally have us beat in the sexual deviance/voter fraud/murder category.

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Anonymous said...

"This rabbithole" is right. I spent the morning following those links and the rest of the day thinking about it. Tonight, I'm watching season one of "Weeds" just tryin' to feel clean again. ;)