Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Nagin kickback diary

At this point in the game, I am recapitulating old posts, rumors and stories to examine any and all ways in which Nagin may have received kickbacks and gifts from his peeps.  Let's categorize this per peep:

Meffert/St. Pierre - Imagine, Netmethods, Veracent, Logistix, PRM Restoration:


2. Jamaica Trip
3. Las Vegas Trip
5. Campaign contributions


1. Meffert may have provided Home Improvements for Nagin's house. - This may be coming to light in the very near future.
2.  Meffert may have been involved with Voting Fraud issues in the 2006 election.


1.  Plane ride to Chicago and Las Vegas on Gulfstream G4 (which Nagin later provided an invoice for only after the matter became public.)
2. Campaign contributions


1.  Accommodations and cash during those trips to Chicago and Las Vegas
2.  Nagin's Texas House - wonder why Nagin had outstanding property owner's fees due on that house?  Perhaps it's because he didn't know, because he hadn't paid for anything on that house in the first place.
3.  Stone Age - was Nagin's supplier of marble and granite the HSOA subsidiary company, Cornerstone Marble and Granite, Inc. ?


Other than campagin contributions...nothing...although Bennett was on the Gulfstream G4 on the trip to Chicago.


1.  Per the Benetech car removal contract and through Memphis business man Dennis Churchwell who reportedly received at least some of the flooded cars, it is rumored that Nagin received numeorous potential kickbacks including condominium properties in Memphis, a Cadillac Escalade, and now even word of actual hard cash.  Also Churchwell claims to have helped commit voter fraud during the 2006 election. 

More to come....


  1. The flooded cars were worth millions, there is cash in trash. Someone made a hell of a lot of money on the recycling of the cars. Who did the actual recycle and now you may want to be very careful about what you publish.

  2. I appreciate the advice...but i've always proceeded without caution when it comes to the 4th estate.

    So now we find out who recycled the cars. We already know that Churchwell "repurposed" some of those cars and resold them.

  3. Stone Age got the contract from Home Depot to the granite counter tops in the New Orleans area HD's.

    HD has dropped all connection with Stone Age aswell

    Are there anything else within the trash contracts debacle that we should include?

  4. where does associated contractors fit in? weren't they associated with benetech?

  5. "Also Churchwell claims to have helped commit voter fraud during the 2006 election. "

    I would love to hear what he is admintting to doing... what exactly was the voter fraud.. if someone is admitting to committing voter fraud.. that is HUGE news... run with that one please....

    Also.. I think Spark is right.. .add Metro, Richards, and Torres to your list..

  6. Anon 2,

    Bennett was a partner with HSOA in the subsidiary company, Associated Contractors. They got the Pirates Alley sidewalk contract among others.

    It's important to note because this is a direct business tie between Bennett and Fradella (HSOA).

  7. Anon 3,

    Believe me I've been running with that one. But's it's a marathon not a sprint. Please read past posts for more info.

  8. fyi, the biggest portion of revenues at HSOA/associated contractors was from the school board post katrina.

  9. from the benetech websit "Our staff includes a former CAO for a large Louisiana city". who would that be?