Friday, August 25, 2006

Nagin has to go...OT must rise

Moldy City suggests a Nagin recall and an OT promotion. Even though I think OT was drinking the Kool-Aid when he said Nagin was our "Politcal Father". If that's the case I'm calling child services, we're all being abused.


Anonymous said...

i agree. nagin is truly hurting new orleans. if he really cared about the city more than himself, he would step down now.

New Orleans is DESPERATE for tourism dollars. Once-thriving businesses are struggling, going under and will continue to do so without a resurgence of the tourism industry.

And Nagin's comments like his recent WTC jab are devisive and tactless. People that considered visiting New Orleans to help out are completely turned off by such stupid, off-the-cuff remarks and writing New Orleans off as a result. Why help a city with such inept and foolish leadership? Concern for our city will only go so far, and Nagin isn't helping at all.

In fact he's doing everyone that cares about New Orleans a huge disservice pretty much every time he opens his mouth. Real leaders bring people together, and shine in times of trouble. The best way he can help New Orleans is to either shut up and lead or step down and move.

Anonymous said...

What was the "political father" comment made by OT?

Nagin and all of his inept cronies must go. The Ernest Collins info on this blog infuriates me.

Anonymous said...

We can't recall him: