Monday, June 29, 2015

Zombie Live!

Hey folks,  I'm going to be on a live interview with Dirty Coast today at 3:30 cst.  Please tune in and you can ask me anything you want about my work here on AZ.  I'm starting a couple of new stories and still slogging away on the old ones so any questions you have please tune in and fire away.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Donation Gracias

Thank you, VM, for the donation!  It is my middle of the year fund drive so if you are so inclined to donate to AZ please click the PayPal button over on the right side of the blog.

I know I haven't done a lot of posting recently but I have been chasing down a many leads and I am going to start some new stories very soon.  I am also going to try and start implementing more video into the blog if possible if I can find the financial resources and time.

One idea I've bounced around is doing a live talk show, webcast (that's my profession), in a casual setting (happy hour at a bar) where a couple of other hosts and I air out the main political issues in the city with guests that are directly involved.  The show would be live, hence anything goes.  Curious to get any feedback on that from you, dear readers, as to whether or not you think it's a good idea or a stinker.

I would hope to sell advertising on this venture and eventually do it once a week but to begin with I would only be able to do it once a month, maybe twice.

Please give me your input on that one and please donate if you appreciate the work I do here on AZ.  Those of you who have continually donated, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and please don't feel obligated this time...that goes for you D.

Thank you!

Friday, June 05, 2015

Comment Bump: June 5, 2015

Commentary afterwards:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DHECC - The Shadow of 495 - Guest Post by In-Hale": 

A little justice has prevailed: 

Mark McNamee, former Partner of McGladrey has been asked to leave the firm after a full investigation was conducted regarding a whistle-blower’s claim that Mark McNamee (Partner-In-are not "terminated".

McGladrey was the accounting firm hired to audit the Deepwater Compensation Program as it pertained to the BP Oil spill. Mark McNamee was instrumental in running up a $14 million dollar tab and then refused to deliver the audit report. The maximum estimate for the audit was $1.6 million dollars.

In addition, Jessica Batt - former Manager of McGladrey (worked alongside Mark McNamee) was also asked to leave McGladrey and has since relocated with her husband to London where she is employed by Baker Tilly.

I beg to disagree...that's not justice.  Justice would be Patrick Juneau being held accountable for running up that 14 million dollar farce.  Justice would be finding out exactly what knowledge Judge Carl Barbier had of the "audit" and the outrageous expenses it entailed.  Justice would be a true audit on the settlement with the records being made public and the actions of the PSC to enrich themselves at the expense of the class members being exposed to the public.  

That would be justice.

McGladrey cleaning house to cover up the whole thing is a's not justice.  

We're about as far from the essence of justice in the state of Louisiana as you could possibly imagine. 

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

DHECC - The Shadow of 495 - Guest Post by In-Hale

Deepwater Horizon Claim Center and the Claims Administrator steal a page out of Kenneth Fienberg’s playbook:  Delay, Defend and Deny

The claim processing history repeats itself, lets make outrageous promises to secure control of the fund then turn on the people you're selected to help:

"This settlement, if approved, will compensate hundreds of thousands of victims."

"Unlike GCCF we now have an objective standard set in concrete."

"This process will be clear and transparent."

Evidence now supports that from the beginning the claim center set aside claims that would eventually be impacted by new polices. Construction, Professional Services and Agriculture amazingly submitted at the beginning of the claim process never saw daylight. Now subjected to new sub-classes under policy 495 with new methods and requirements that will reduce or eliminate the claim value. 

As illustrated by this chart claim payments spiked in Nov 2012 just as we hit the deadline to Opt-Out. In Oct 2013 the injunction by the 5th Circuit Court put a stop to all BEL claim payments. The 5th CC gave Patrick Juneau limited instructions to tailor CASH Basis P&L’s so using the captured data from the claims submitted he developed Policy 495. This policy far exceeded the instruction and has had a greater impact on all BEL claims calculations and payments.

That being said now lets address the bigger picture and implications of this policy 495.

Law and accounting firms spent tens of millions calculating claimant’s losses prior to the deadline to evaluate if the claimant should or should not stay in the settlement strictly using the clients P&L’s numbers. The adoption of Policy 495 materially changed this thought process. 

Not only do we need to support the numbers we now need to satisfy an audit of each month at a level that is not kept in the normal course of business. Their records and records keeping were never designed to be maintained to the level of detail, on a monthly basis, which is now being required. Nor can their historical records be remediated in any meaningful or cost effective manner to satisfy this newfound demand for minutiae. 

Naturally if the language of 495 were in the original settlement no one would stay in. Accounting firms processing claims still find it hard to understand or calculate someone’s losses as it goes far beyond standard accounting “GAP” principles. 

The true impact of policy 495

495 has triggered new highs in Incomplete and Causation Denials as of May 30, 2015 these two categories combined equal 22,792 just in the BEL class.

495 has destroyed millions of dollars in work product used to verify proper determinations and offers. 

495 has destroyed work product used to evaluate if the client should have stayed in the settlement by passing the causation models. 

495 has destroyed work product used to defend proper offers in appeals.

495 has delayed, added and destroyed millions in accounting expenses incurred by law and accounting firms proceeding claims.

495 has disenfranchised law firms and claimants from filing claims due to the cost to processing a claim only to be denied for causation or a lack of ability to satisfy the new document request. 

And the BIG ONE...495 now forces us to rely on the court vendor’s. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dirty Coast: My first opinion article

Please check out my opinion article on Dirty Coast:

A Ship of Fools:  Capt. Jindal and the S.S. LFF

Source:  Mother Jones
Also the petition against Jindal has hit 10,000 + views.  Please take the time to sign it if you haven't already, peeps.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DHECC - IBM, the Fortune 25 troll, still obsessed with a New Orleans blogger

You'd think they would use an anonymous proxy like the other PI's trolling the site.  But I suppose when you're as big as an IBM, a BP, or a don't really have to worry about covering your own tracks...everyone else is just a peon to be squashed.

I suppose when you're that powerful you can stalk whoever you want (Page 9):
The IBM CS&P team began the portion of this investigation by acquiring all available information on Jason Brad Berry from the internet including his driver's license, home address, telephone, Facebook, e-mail, known aliases, and affiliated organizations.  Next, IBM CS&P team cross-referenced a series of combinations of the keywords to identify any unauthorized line of communications with Mr. Berry, but was not able to make a connection.
I'm really curious what they mean when they say they acquired all available information from the internet including email.  Does that mean they simply got my email addys from the internet or does that mean they actually "acquired" my email?

I'm also really curious how much Pat Juneau paid them to conduct this "investigation" and how much he's still paying them as they are obviously still trolling me over a year later.

It's funny, they could have saved a shitload of BP's money simply by reading the goddamn original post. I disclosed exactly how I obtained the emails from the beginning.

But then recklessly spending the money from the settlement to enrich Fortune 500 companies while the people of the Gulf get screwed over seems to be the game plan so this "investigation" just gave Juneau another excuse to pay off more business suits.  

Never mind the content of the post which proved that the PSC lawyers had expedited their own clients' claims, they simply wanted to go after the guy that exposed what they were up to.  This is the MO for Juneau's transparent claim process.

I suppose I should be flattered, huh?   Yeah, well, I'm not so much.