Monday, March 29, 2021


Don't need help...I mean it's the same old shit.

Apparently I have to address this issue because no other local media entity seems willing.  

Why has Troy Carter not filed a campaign finance report during this election?  In fact, almost no one running for the damn office filed one.

This is an AP article, no local newspaper or TV station has addressed the issue that I can find.  The Advocate did re-publish this from the AP but apparently no local journalism entity has made an effort to contact Carter to find out why he hasn't filed.  

This is a basic requirement to run for any office in Louisiana.

I get that some of the unknown candidates (who had a snowball's chance in hell) didn't file in the initial election but that doesn't apply to Carter.  He's a fucking career politician, he knows damn well he has to file a report 30 days prior to an election.  KCP did file one on February 18th.

I am not a huge fan of either candidate and I am certainly not telling anyone how to vote but I don't understand how you get to completely ignore campaign finance reports and not be disqualified from an election.  This is essentially breaking the law.  

I guess no local reporters or journalism resources care? 

I would love to know how far into Ike and C-note's pockets Carter really is.  Not that this report would expose the full extent but it may shine some light.  

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