Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shake, Shake, Shake Senor Meffert.....shake the contractor down

This post comes to AZ from another Anon....but I can tell by the syntax, this guy has to be in IT industry because he starts the sentence off with "...some more data". I love that...just the facts sir. So check this out:

Well here is some more data on "imaginary software" and Mark St Pierre. When the work for the City first came up, it was done under contract through a gov-gov partnership the the now famous Navy Information Technology Center and UNO. Mark St. Pierre was an employee of SAIC at entergy and moonlighting with Meffert on City work. Meffert directed SEA to bring several of the "imaginary software" boys on board to kick start the company. St Pierre and company wanted very high rates, but the contract through the ITC limited what could be charged. Then when SEA would not succumb to blackmail and hand "imaginary software" free work on other contracts, SEA was cut from the program. An RFP was let and several companies bid on it, only to have it canceled by the city and the GSA buy through Ciber be the replacement. Mark Kurt actually tried to leverge the threat of this RFP to gain additional work from SEA at the time, and was ultimately successful in blackmailing Ciber to allow the GSA buy. Find out how many Ciber folks are working at City hall. BTW, This procurement approach was only possible because Nagin signed an emergence procurement release to allow it after the RFP was canceled and a work stoppage was close at hand.

This verifies much of what I've heard from other sources...what's important to me about this info. is that Nagin signed the "emergency" procurement to cancel the RFP and allow the Ciber contract to go through. That's pretty clear evidence that Nagin was fully aware of what was going on and actively assisted in the tactics.

I've seen this tactic used many times with the School Board....Contracts are killed or rushed though (particularly insurance) under the threat of impending deadlines, or emergency situtations, which inevitably leads to someone siphoning money out of the system.

How many Ciber employees are at City Hall? Can anyone provide the number?

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