Sunday, September 17, 2006

Why the Picayune rocks

I make no secret that I'm a fan of many of the journalists at the TP. But Gordon Russell, is in fact, the schnizzel in the TP's wizzell.

Through the trauma that we've gone through in the past year...the one constant has been the TP. They have done their job and done it well....if there's one thing that has kept this community together, I think it's the Picayune.

Just keep tellinig the truth mi bruthaz, it will set us free.


oyster said...

Big Fat congratulations, sir, on pointing the way (back in July!) to Imagine Software.

You deserve a helluva lot of credit, and I hope there are similar investigations into your other scoops.

I saw the article this morning but was busy most of today, and couldn't post. I got a huge kick, thinking about it, though. Like bsjdavid noted, you were on this over a month and a half ago.

Very well done. And I agree with you about da Paper. For the most part, the T-P has done excellent work since the storm.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Gracias sir...and I apologize for filling up you comment sections with that ongoing diatribe with the Anon commenter...I just got carried away.

oyster said...

No worries about that. I don't mind when commenters stir the shit.

I'm glad you did it, though, because I didn't have the energy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your work seeing the light and quite incisively. Is it on purpose that there is no reference to you in yesterday's TP article?

I admire the TP's work, too, but do you think that your praise for them is slightly over-the-top given their delay in getting on some stories and history of not fact-checking all that well.

jeffrey said...

I thought it was fun. I am skeptical about the truth setting anyone free however. It may help us understand why everything sucks... but freedom? maybe the truth plus appropriately targeted firebombing... maybe.

Jason Brad Berry said...

maitri, the reason it took them this long was because of fact-checking. I don't pretend to think a blog is true journalism, unless you count them all as editorials. I can publish speculation and information against public officials on this blog that the TP would undoubtedly get sued for. They would probably win any lawsuit, but they have to be extremely careful.
These guys are reporters, they work on stories every day of their life and they have to answer to very scrupulous editors. I'm just a guy who blogs the information he gets.
So yeah I think they deserve the praise i give them. I think the TP is truly an exceptional paper given their limited resources in this town, and I think they're an exceptional paper period. I was just in Los Angeles for a week and I read the, what a piece of garbage. That was the worst paper I've ever read.

I think the TP deserves a lot of credit.

Jeff, yeah you right. But before you have firebombing you have to have someone telling people the truth so they'll get pissed off enough to firebomb.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Not only is your research exceptional, your presentation is a class act. Accept your well-deserved kudos, O humble one!

Jason Brad Berry said...


I feel like you live in an alternate universe, I can't leave comments on your blog, and you always sign in as anon. here. Took me a while to figure out who TM is.


Anonymous said...

It's that damn beta version of blogger I impulsively switched to. I can't leave a comment (as myself) on a non-beta blogger blog and I guess I'm finding out now it goes both ways. Poop.
So I guess you still visit then. I thought I was being abandoned.

And, yes, I do live in an alternate universe!


Jason Brad Berry said...

no abandoning here....blogger definitely has issues they need to work on. I've lost a lof of posts over the past year before I learned to copy them before publishing.

Jason Brad Berry said...


I know absolutely nothing of which you speak. I would encourage you to formulate your point coherently on you blog so that folks can share in your knowledge. Thanks.