Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is Meffert a Scientologist?

I ignored this originally but it just keeps coming back up. I had two Anon's claim that Mefffert is a member of the COS. Now Ashley is claiming that Earthlink is run by Scientologists. Very Strange, indeed.


mominem said...

There are a great many people who dispute that Earthlink is a Scientoligist front.

The original Earthlink was founded by scientologist Sky Dayton and he later came back as Chairman after the Mindspring merger and the move of headquarters from LA to Atlanta (home of Mindpsring) when Charles Brewer, founder of Mindspring, suddenly resigned and cashed out his stock. Dayton is currently on the Board.

The current chairman and CEO Charles (Garry) Betty came out of Earthlink but is apparently a Southern Baptist.

Jason Brad Berry said...

interesting....kind of. It's really a non-issue, but i just kept getting comments to check that out.

Kind of like Dollar Bill and his chronies being in EST....trivial but interesting. Clandestine groups in politics.....yada yada yada.

LSU Lives! said...

Actually I know someone who confirmed this at party last night though. This guy is long time friend Meffert's friend Shawn Cumings. Evidently meffert wants to be like a fat tom cruise or something, even with closet gay part. This guy is super close to shawn and said Shawn cumings and meffert were very close for years, and yes both card carrying scientologists. Shawn dumped him (yes he meant that way) and this is where it gets alittle weird. He was pretty positive that Shawn maybe "dates" reporter guy now.
So all these facts coming out are kind of a woman scorned thing evidently. He was EXTREMELY positive about them being in the church, went there once with Cumings (in LA) and saw them out dating few times along the line.
Glad Im staying in Atlanta (Earthlink Central!), its crazy down there!

Anonymous said...

I dunno about Meffert, but Mominem is on target with Earthlink. Sky Dayton is a hardcore scientologist, and that trickled down to his company.

One thing I can attest to is that scientologists, on the surface at least, claim that homosexuality can be cured. They don't view it as a positive, so if Meffert is openly a scientologist then he probably wouldn't be openly gay.

Jason Brad Berry said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh god, dambala....don't tell me that Meffert/Cummings may be trying to rebuild New Orleans as another Clearwater!

LSU lives! said...

Crazy man. Heres' more details but I promised I wouldnt out my source (you will see why).
Friend of mine works mgmt spot at Earthlink and Meffert rumors swirling around there too.

Fact 1 :
COS is BIG at Earthlink
Fact 2: Meffert/Cumings were couple for at least 5 years (hung with my friend)
Fact 3: at least once was spotted by my boy at COS spot in LA (Shawn has condo in LA somewhere he told me)
Fact 4: Newspaper Reporter and Shawn dating (at least a little) after Shawn dumped Meffert couple of years back
Fact 5: Thats why he stopped hanging at LOA's

(if you havent figured out my boy happens to be gay and not "out" yet so he hung with them).

Fucked up man...

Anonymous said...

Just a little background material:
Circa 2004 Meffert lived with his wife and kids in one of the penthouses of a condominium at 900 South Peters Street owned by Shawn Cumings and his father, John Cumings. It was my impression that Meffert leased the condo from the Cumings.

Jason Brad Berry said...

LSU....who is the reporter?