Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An open plea....

How many Netmethod employees are on city payroll? How many were on city payroll when the Earthlink deal was cut?

If anyone is listening out there...and I think you are....please go look at city payroll and find this out.

Also be aware that Netmethods may be set up as a subcontractor under another LLC, called Veracent....billing from the city may be coming through Veracent and then to Netmethods. Both companies are registered under Mark St. Pierre's name.


Anonymous said...

And wouldn't you know it... Veracent, LLC gave $5,000 to the Nagin Campaign between the period April 23 to May 11, 2006: http://www.nola.com/elections/?/elections/content/donations.html

In addition, Imagine Software gave $5,000 as well as Mark St. Pierre ($5,000), Paul Hastings ($2,500-$4,999), Scott Domke ($2,500-$4,999), and Dwayne Hodges (an Imagine employee, $5,000).

Wow, that's more than $30,000 by my count!!!

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah and you left out Meffert at 5k.

I know that's apparent. My concern is right now though...right now at this very moment in time.

I want every Imagine, Netmethods, Veracent employee identified and I want to know how many are on city payroll. I want to know if Kurt has any ownership, stock, or mutual investments with any of these companies or INDIVIDUALS.

The boat was just an easy target....the TP Yacht story was the tip of the iceberg...it's time to look underwater and see just how big this iceberg is.

This shit is going on right now as we speak. Nagin wants to be transparent? You need to polish the fucking glass Ray...polish the fucking glass.

Anonymous said...

Tip of a bigger iceberg?


Trinity Yachts Hull No. T035
Hull Type: Aluminum Tri-Deck
Size: 161 ft. (49m)
ABS Maltese Cross A1 Yachting Service AMS; MCA Compliant
Naval Architect Trinity Yachts
Interior Designer: Evan Marshall
Delivery: 2006

Jason Brad Berry said...

no fuckin' way. couldn't be. That's like at least a 5 million dollar boat, i would think.

did you just find that by chance or do you know that Imagine is in fact our Imagine??

Jason Brad Berry said...

Zombie Here.

Please add DO NOT PUBLISH to any header.

Jason Brad Berry said...

got it

Anonymous said...

Try closer to $ 30,000,000. Trinity sells to much bigger dogs than the chumps here in NOLA. Meffert / St. Pierre would be "hot dogs at a steak dinner" in that crowd.

Donnie McDaniel said...


This is the first time I had the chance to stop by here. Great job. Keep up the work.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you guys can do math, too bad you can't do the proper research to find out it is a used boat that was purchashed at auction. Or do you guys not know how to search public records? So now why don't you take the time to find other people to lie about, and may I suggest picking on the real criminals and not the people trying to save the city.