Wednesday, October 11, 2006

time to pull the plug?

this whole fucking thing is getting too weird even for me. this ain't fun no mo'

G-Girl...the whole thing about bloggin' to me is that it's fun....this ain't fun. Now it's turnin into a job. I got so much crap coming in I don't know what to do with it, or what to believe. the grafix and writing is fun....the editing isn't.

I keep asking myself what the fuck i've gotten myself into...and more importantly why. no one in this city (who could do anything about it) gives a crap anyway.

Short of taking up arms and running these fucksticks out of town....i don't hold much hope of anything productive coming out of this crap. it's the negative energy thing....starting to wear on me.


Anonymous said...

look whats neccessary isn't always fun, and i'm sure from your end its getting quite weird. if people are getting upset that means you're doing neccessary work. if you don't want to anymore, its okay, but please leave it so someone else can pick it up.
otherwise keep the faith!!!! you're an old soul. this present discomfort is only temporary, a blip in the span of history.
also, you are much loved.

oshun's daughter

Anonymous said...

You can't quit now. I heard ex-Nagin executives Beth James and Sean Cummings practically live on this site all the time. Heard Beth and Apogen started this fantastic screw-job all these guys somehow and Sean Cumings and Gordon Russel is getting their jollies and loving every minute of it. Bring all those bitches down where Meffert is Dambala!
All you guys are finally getting so close to the real truth here. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there hon! The fun stuffs will start soon and you are a valued part of our slice of New Orleans.


mominem said...

Please keep it up, just don't over do it, so its not fun any more.

Anonymous said...

"no one in this city (who could do anything about it) gives a crap anyway."
Maybe not. But Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say.
Pace yourself. You're way ahead of the curve anyway, so what if you don't get the word out in a nano-second? Everyone else is eatin' your dust.

Anonymous said...

hope you dont throw in the towel. if you do it's cool. no hard feelings from rick and trish here in gentilly.

if that was your last post we just want to say thank you for what you have done.

and least you give a fuck. thanks mon.

the gentilly kidz.

Jason Brad Berry said...

i'm gonna keep blogging. i'm just saturated with the corruption thing.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up. Compile all of this for someone who can prosecute this stuff. Do you have a lawyer? You should talk to one. You should also send this to the federal authorities or find means by which you can communicate it to them directly. This needs to go to a higher authority than New Orleans or Louisiana care to investigate. Maybe the weird shit is just phoney information to do just this. Throw the Zombie off his game. Don't let the bastards get you down.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Glad to hear you're going to keep doing it. I don't know if anonymous sources that go to you don't to the Picayune, or if the Picayune needs more than anonymous sources. Once something makes it on to your blog, I would guess that it would give the Picayune some cover when it prints it. I'm afraid if your blog weren't around, we'd have never heard about Yachtgate. I still don't think the local press has mentioned AFO, yet.

Jason Brad Berry said...


yeah, i'm not going anywhere. I'm just overwhelmed with the whole pursuit of these clowns.

we both know Jordan's office ain't gonna do jack shit, he's Dollar Bill's protege...I'm sure he ain't gonna throw stones from a glass house. in 4 years Nagin will be as far away from N.O. as he can get and he'll just be one more politician who raped this city. Meffert will probably bolt within the next few months, if he can't figure out a way to become a subcontractor for NetMethods....that is at least one good thing that came out of the yacht story, it may have scuttled his whole dirty plan.

i basically forgot the number one rule of careful which graves you dig never know what you're gonna turn up.

Anonymous said...

Dambala, glad you're hangin' in there. You don't want to have to deal with the wrath of Dangerblond. She's scary enough when she's NOT mad at you..

Jason Brad Berry said...

Anon #4,

yeah, I suspect you're exactly right. a lot of it is bullshit that is being planted. I just don't have the energy to distinguish the bullshit from the reality. Ain't no bastard dragging me down...I'm cool.

thanks for that statement though...i needed to hear that.

dillyberto said...

It must be that Coach is playing low profile.

He's not letting information outta Airline Drive during the week.

The lack of Saints news is overloading us with harsh realities of change that we must facilitate.

We can laud the positive, though.

I believe in Arnie.

I believe in Stacey Head.

I believe in Midura.

These guys are working hard to make our city better.

The corruption of which you lament has to be exposed and crushed like a roach.

The crunch sound of stomping the roach is still painful to hear, but important lest the roach keep running in yo' kitchen!

I'll keep listening to you and oyster for roach crunchin'

BUT killing roaches isn't all we do in the kitchen........

Anonymous said...

"i'm gonna keep blogging."

cool. your stuff about the spider in the truck and back roads radio was really fun to read and reread.


Anonymous said...

Tres Kewl! You're sticking to your guns.

I understand the frustration, and if I may say so, the utter feeling of nausea when cans of political worms are opened. (been working on something for two weeks that is enraging and sickening me.)

Anonymous said...

My suggestion to you is to start drinking heavily. And don't forget, I'm a doctor.

oyster said...

Keep up the good work, Dambala (on this site and in "real life").

Jason Brad Berry said...

ashley....the heavy drinking is what got me started in the first place...should i move on to smack?

Anonymous said...

As a doctor, I can't recommend anyone start smack. However, keep in mind that New Orleans is the one place where many of us would not be considered alcoholics.

Jason Brad Berry said...


No worries...didn't take the tree comment that way.

I don't know anything about NORA...I've been so focused on the items at hand on AZ i've overlooked everything else, including the disposal contracts.

My main concern from the beginning was to expose Nagin and his cronies bullshit before Fed dollars started flowing into the city (if they ever flow).

I think Meffert jumping ship at the time he did was no coincidence...I just hope to scuttle the best laid plans of mice and mice before contracts like the DHS multi-million dollar grant come down to digitize all American's medical records...real curious if Meffert is eyeing that one. I think the Earthlink deal was just a drop in the bucket. I want to see RFP's...that's apparently too much to ask for in this city.

I'm just running with what I know....which is obviously more than I can handle. :)

Schroeder said...

I'm burned out too ... lately. It comes and goes. You might try an alterego blog. More importantly, you have to choose your fights wisely. Be narrow in what you choose to write about. If you don't, you'll be driven to stay on top of everything. Remind me about that sometime.

Marco said...

You can't throw in the towel, there's too mcuh at stake. Narrow your focus, post less, drink more, as the good Dr. Morris advises. From personal experinece, I recommend Spanish red wine. Easier on the head and stomach than other wines and certainly all hard booze. The fire has got to stay under their feets and asses. You do that and well.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Sean Cummings buy his job with the city by throwing a fundraiser for Nagin's first campaign that raised almost a quarter million dollars? Patronage, Conflict of Interest or Corruption?

Isn't the ethics commission investigating how Cummings can own riverfront property and have authority over all riverfront property at the same time?

As for Beth James - she had her own conflict of interest issues.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon g.k.! I have been trying to remember where I read the spider in the truck post! It was wonderful. Really wonderful.

As for the rest, it's easy for me to say keep fighting the good fight, but I'll say it anyway. I'm wish Ashley. Drink heavily from time to time. It's cleansing.

Middle Son called today. C Ray had dinner in the restaurant where he works last night. He said it was the biggest damn head he'd ever seen.

Shhhh. Don't tell anyone I told you. ;)

Anonymous said...

And, no need to fear. Dambala comes right before Dangerblond, alphabetically. ;)

Mark Folse said...

Ashley, in spite of your racial handicap, I believe that's good advice.

db, don't give up. If what you have is more than you can handle, perhaps there is some way to share some of the work around (an idea I've had kicking around since I got here, but have only really talked to maitri and perhaps one other person about.