Friday, November 10, 2006

Damn....Ogun is so pissed at me

I haven't been posting because my laptop bit the dust about two weeks ago. I sent it to Apple to get it fixed....they basically rebuilt everything but the logic board and hard drive. I just got it back the other day...started and everything was working fine. I started to write a new post and just as I hit the Publish button....the computer locked up. I tried to restart and I got a folder sign with a question mark......yikes.....the hard drive crapped out. I called Apple today and I have to send the machine back in.

This is just par for the course for me for the past year when it comes to all things electronic. You see, Ogun was my original Orisha, but I got seduced away by Obatala (known as Dambala in Voudun). Ogun has not forgiven me and continues to wreak havoc in my every electronic device I touch goes to hell.

I thought by posting his story I may be able to pacify him....but no such luck. His sacrifice is a if anyone has a bothersome mutt they want to get rid of....just kidding. Oshun can pacify him...but I haven't found an Oshun follower who will help me out.

I'm posting from friends laptop right now...I'm afraid I will curse him too...HELP!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey - Congratulations! You now are #1 on Google when searching for American Zombie... used to be third... climbed into second a couple of three weeks ago... and tonight - VOILA!

Maybe Ogun is not so pissed after all... besides, you know where to find Oshun, should you need her help.

Not that you have been one to ask for help.

You seem to prefer trouble, which is what Ogun will keep giving you as long as you seek.

Ask and you shall receive.

Anonymous said...

LMAO (at the comment exchange).

Dambala, I'm sorry about your computer problems. I've been having trouble with my little G4 too. It had gotten completely unusable until The Oldest brought me a replacement Dell. Since the Dell arrived, the Mac has miraculously healed itself (but now I've discovered that the dryer isn't working). I've accepted that these may be things we are not meant to understand. Good luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it isn't Ogun after all... Maybe Meffert and his Imagine crew put a voodoo curse on your laptop for all the truths you've been spreading about them!!

Schroeder said...

I've seen a hit from the TP and Belo searching for AFO Investments. Good work on that. Keep your fingers crossed for something juicy to bring down "our mayor".