Sunday, November 19, 2006

MCC....does whaaaaaat?

Anonymous said...

Ernest Collins?
Isn't he the guy who directed hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars to cox cable after Collings joined Nagin at City Hall? And doesn't he get a piece of that action? or is he a volunteer production manager at Cox? Sounds like a violation of the state code of ethics and smells like fish rotting in the July sun for weeks. . .

Haven't we had enough hare brained schemes, corrupt insider patronage dealing and incompetence?

Will someone please post a link to the Metro Crime Commission or Bureau of Government Research so we can all blow the whistle on this nonsense?

Yeah...the Metropolitan Crime Commission does two things when it comes to government corruption:

1. Jack

2. Shit


Anonymous said...


There's a link on the homepage about reporting public corruption. You can do it anonymously if you choose. They are the closest link to the FBI and work to provide them information. As far as their effectiveness, who knows, but writing nobody and doing nothing, I can say is much more ineffective than writing to them to complain. Also, write your City Council leader and give them specifics. It goes miles in showing public support for transparency and things like the Inspector General position and ethics review board.

To that extent, you can file an official complaint about things you've read here on AZ, things you've experienced first hand, or things read in the Times-Pic with the Louisiana Ethics Review Board. This is the only way they will officially investigate. You can't email them, however, but here are instructions for reporting Meffert and Ernest shady dealings.

Doing nothing achieves nothing. Maybe going through the MCC and Council and Ethics Board achieves the same, but we must and I'd encourage you all to pursue one, if not all 3 of these actions so we can make a louder, collective voice.

Jason Brad Berry said...


I guess the frikkin' TP artilces aren't good enough to raise their eyebrows. They need me to call them and tell them...."hey man, did you read that article about Meffert in the paper?"

C'mon....really....If the MCC and Ethics Board don't know at least half this shit they must have their collective heads up their arses.

If this blog is publishing something the MCC doesn't already know, we should be evaluating the performance of the MCC and why we have it in the first place. I'm just a jack-off who blogs this shit in his spare time...they're a funded entity whose job it is to know this stuff.

If they actually wanted to do something about government corruption in this city they've had AMPLE opportunity to do so in the past 50 years. Jesus, the 8 year Morial stretch was a fucking free for all with the RTA alone.

So yeah...I do agree with you. Doing nothing achieves nothing. Hence the rampant corruption our city has experienced under the MCC"s existence.

And by the way....blogging ain't nothing. I actually put a lot of work into making sure the stuff I put up here is as accurate as posssible. Given my lack of resources, I'm rather proud of what I've done so far. I wouldn't say I broke the Meffert stuff, but I certainly contributed to the story.

I will say I may have broke the AFO story....but that hasn't broke to mainstream.....YET :)