Friday, January 19, 2007

Vitty Cent's afraid of bloggers?

Oil and gas royalties, insurance accountability, wetlands restoration, a failing education system, record breaking many problems to tackle in our challenged state.

So what has our own U.S. Senator David Vitter, aka. Vitty Cent, been up to? He's been busy proposing legislation to root out the real threat to this country. No, it's not radical Muslim terrorists....try bloggers.

On Jan. 9th Vitter tacked on a rather outrageous amendment to the lobbying reform bill being brought before Congress. The amendment would treat political bloggers who have a readership of 500 people or more as lobbyists, which would require them to "register" as such and report quarterly to Congress. Vitter's amendment suggested that the penalty for failing to do this would be 1 year in the clink.

He has apparently rethought the proposal and has since withdrawn the amendment.

Maybe he went down to the National Archives and read the 1st amendment. But being a "Giant among Pygmies" I suspect Vitty doesn't pay much attention to those Lilliputian laws our country was founded freedom of speech.

I'd like to suggest that he tack on an amendment which would treat prostitutes who service politicians as lobbyists. After all, they are the most special of special interest groups. They should be required to report their clientele directly to Congress and include all the kinks and fetishes the Congressman requested of them. Let's start right here in Nawlins.

As a matter of fact, I know one named Wendy Cortez who would be happy to participate.

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Sharon said...

I love it....A lot of folks are catching on to his new nickname....I can't stand Senator David Vitter.....He feels as though he is sitting pretty until 2011 when he's up for re-election....Senator Vitter is a trouble maker....He's a sneaky snake.....He's subtil and crafty....He's contentious!!!! What has he really done for this state anyway except but to tout his own horn and run around trying to start trouble?!!!!