Saturday, January 06, 2007

The words keep ringing in my ears....

"We've got one chance."

That was Mitch Landrieu's mayoral campaign diatribe. I keep thinking about that.

He was right. We had one chance.

We fucked it up.

NEW ORLEANS - With at least eight slayings in the city in the first week of the new year, officials are considering a curfew to help stem the violence, the police superintendent said Saturday.

"It's something we're just sort of talking about, to see if that will make a difference," police Superintendent Warren Riley said.

Damn that's reassuring,"we're just sort of talking about...". That pretty much spells it out doesn't it? They have no fucking idea what to do. They're as lost as easter eggs.

Mayor Ray Nagin, meanwhile, urged residents not to leave the city, still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, because of the recent killings. He said the slayings could be a tipping point that "galvanizes our community" to find solutions. fucking idiot....that's what you're being paid to do! If you can't "find solutions" then LEAVE.....JUST FUCKING LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!

That's the first part of the galvanized solution I have......FIRE YOU AND RILEY.

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Anonymous said...

the media attention on new orleans now, as a result of these murders could have the same effect as the suggestion you made in your previous post.

as someone who loves the city i feel for many of the good, hard-working people in the tourism industry that will suffer most from this.

and the even sadder truth is nagin will be fine, whether the city's tourism industry falls apart or not. but a lot of good people that truly love new orleans won't.