Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And now we have the bid announcement...

I got this comment from an Anon:

Anonymous said...
This is a bid, not an RFP. Lowest price wins, period. They can buy as many of these as they want for the bid price (including none). Just got message from Louisiana Technology Council that they are publicizing this bid in order to increase competition as per City's direction.

And here's the announcement which was just sent out today which I got from a friend who is on the LTC announcement mailing list:

Last November, Mayor Nagin and the Louisiana Technology Council announced a strategic partnership to help develop technology strategies and initiatives that would assist the City and the business community. One of these strategies was to help the City with its technology requirements and initiatives and to facilitate the participation of the local community in solving these requirements.

A steering committee was formed to work with the with the Mayor’s Office of Technology. As a result of our partnership, the LTC and the Mayor's Office of Technology are pleased to promote the pre-bid conference to publish the City's bid for Crime Cameras and today we are announcing this initiative.

Our purpose is to generate as much interest as possible for qualified local organizations to bid on this initiative. As a result, there will be pre-bid conference held at the Louisiana Technology Council's office location as noted below:

Date: Monday February 26, 2007
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: 1215 Prytania St., 2nd Floor Assembly Room
New Orleans, LA 70130
Registration is not required.

Interested bidders are encourage to attend; all are welcome to attend. Attendees are not required to be member of the LTC to attend the pre-bid conference.

The link to the actual bid as as follows: http://www.purchasing.cityofno.com/bso/external/publicBids.sdo

The bid number is 2231-00211.

So if the Anon above is right...I don't understand this. Is the ceiling set at 120k and the bidders are supposed to bid down from that price?

What I really want to know is how many bids have ever been publicized by the Mayor's Office of Tech. Is this the first one?

The timing of the announcement is convenient, no?


Anonymous said...


The city has to show they have budget for a bid. This looks like the budget they have set aside (estimated of course) for the bid.

Jason Brad Berry said...

thanks...so that number isn't written in stone then.

Anonymous said...

Righ. It can possibly go up depending on fund availabiltiy or go down depending on fund availability.

LAW70 said...

Question, have you ever considered getting on one of the boards at City Hall? All you would need is a council person to appoint you. I know this because I used to sit on one here and made a major impact. The mayor(and my councilman for that matter)are not crazy about me at all, but they know that I and others would call their bluff if they did the city wrong. To this day, I still play an active role because these are MY tax dollars which are being used so I have the right to give my opinion and question what City government is doing.

Now with that being said, this city needs more individuals like yourself to keep those in office in line. I know one of your city council people did call some one to the carpet. This should be constant. Are the council members seeing what is going on? When was the last time this city has had a council meeting? Is there anything that someone like myself can do even if I do not reside in the same city? Screw it, let me get Bill O'Reilly on the phone!!

Jason Brad Berry said...


i'm a poor candidate for any politcal position. But we have some local bloggers who would be great....just not me. I'm incredibly disorganized. I have a big heart, but I can't focus the attention productively....yada yada. Just not cut out for political office.

My purpose is to expose the bullshit which has been destroying this city for the past 3 decades if not more. If I can make a minor difference that way...i'd be a very happy zombie.

I thank you for sharing the information you have with us. It's encouraging to know someone like you is out there and cares about the city and making it a better place.

Thank you.