Thursday, February 08, 2007

Last Year's numbers

From the TP:

Screw the scientific method....Let's say half of 162. 81?? How about that?


Anonymous said...

This is sad, amazing and deep.

I must say that I totally enjoy reading your blogs especially when you get on the political tip. I live in Dallas and am deeply troubled by what is going on in New Orleans. I guess this is what happens when there is no leadership.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Stunning, scary numbers.

Then we have the insane Vanessa Johnson sending her 17 yr old son out to kill someone who beat him in a fistfight.

I wonder if she will be in the stats as "convicted" by this time next year.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but 80 just isn't realistic. 120 is the best we can hope for. And that probably won't happen. Think about the summer. In those hot days is the mad blood stirring.

TravelingMermaid said...

Personally I find 81 unacceptable.....split the difference...70.

Again....need to make it human!

Anonymous said...

iWOW! That is absolutely horriffic.

If we don't do something and demand a safe and beautiful New Orleans, the criminals will win the city. The wanna-be leaders sitting in their offices right now don't give a shit because they're getting paid! The population last year is half what it is now...maybe the crooks are taking advantage of the vulnerability the city is in.

We need the good, honest, hard working citizens/natives of this city to want to come back...and right's bad. But, the fact that we are talking and planning the fight for the right to have a better New Orleans is definitely a start. We need action though, too.

I think we also need to demand fair housing, fair business trades, fair insurance and utility costs, oustanding, clean public schools where metal detectors aren't needed (that's probably wishful thinking...but they do exist), demand everything this historic city deserves to survive.

Thank you to all of you bloggers who are trying to educate those whose heads are in the sands...They really need to wake up and not be afraid!

bubblebut said...

assumptions that might as well be fact.

1. the criminals have guns.
2. they are not registered guns.
3. they know the venerable areas like the back of their hand.
4. they don't value human beings or they wouldn't shoot them.
5. they act aggressively to feel dominate and get off on it.
6. they are undereducated and have no desire for education.
7. some are just plain crazy and need to be in a mental ward not a numbered ward.
8. the country doesn't give a shit about us because they're convinced that the expansion of the sea due to global warming will shortly put NOLA under water because even if we as a nation change drastically China and India's carbon emissions will continue the cycle of global devastation.

I bet some one is going to hunt me down and pop a cap in my ass but the low lying area's of NOLA need bulldozed and the lake 'control flooded' to recapture sediment which will protect the natural Mississippi levy sliver, bywater, marigny, FQ, Bizness D, Uptown and Riverbend from the inevitable increased storms in our near future.

All the peace talk you want is not going to change the fact that a partially abandoned megacity that's main attraction is Bourbon St. is a magnet for chaos. We need more police not private patrol. With a 30% arrest rate, no wonder we only have 1 conviction. An educational and ideological change will take decades. With 162 victims a year we will loss and loss big if the tourist industry is affected by the numbers. Something needs to be done to make it more difficult to commit crime or eliminate the motive for crime.

A stat I would like to see is how many of the 162 were coppin' a fix or were in some other way involved with the black market. It doesn't really matter, as the numbers will have enough power to effect the tourist market. I'm repulsed that I sound like RR but if our tourist industry don't get sum' real bling, there will be nothing to trickle down to the small businesses like me. I love this city but I won't hesitate to high tail it, if things don't change soon. Until then I'll still be nappin' in washington [ ] park on Saturday afternoons and sketchin' my ass off.