Monday, February 19, 2007

New Orleans is a DBA, who woulda thunk it?

You gotta love Statcounter. I just saw this on my Statcount's someone who hit the blog today (and multiple times previous to this) from Ciber... the company who was originally contracted by Meffert to maintain the city's IT services....and subsequently subcontracted Imagine.

No suprise they're reading AZ. But here's the funny thing... Look at the ISP:

Referring Link No referring link
Host Name
IP Address
Country United States
Region Louisiana
City New Orleans
Ciber Inc. Dba City Of New Orleans
Returning Visits 16
Visit Length 0 seconds
Browser Firefox 1.5.0
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 1280x1024
Javascript Enabled

Ciber is doing business as City of New Orleans? Are they responsible for the traffic lights? Do they get paid if we donate money to help the city pay for Mardi Gras? Can I start a company and Dba City of New York? How about City of Bunkie...I like that better.


Anonymous said...

bunkie like a monkey on a drunkie.

dave bartholamew needs to write a new chapter.....yaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

man i love you.

i am praying for more sunny rocks tonight snake man.

happy carnival cuz.

Jason Brad Berry said...

u too bro!!! u 2.

LAW70 said...

This is strange...I was thinking about this the other day (meaning if someone at City Hall was reading your blogs and the comments). It does not surprise me at all. Sounds like a group of people feel threatened, but if they were doing the right thing then there would be no need to talk about it/them.

Go Dambala with your bad self!!

Jason Brad Berry said...


AFO man...That is the target. I want to expose that as much as possible. If you can get any info on it....l would appreciate it.


bayoustjohndavid said...

Can anyone explain why the T/P had something about Stone Granite & Marble, albeit buried deep where most readers wouldn't see it, but nothing at all yet about AFO?

LAW70 said...

Hey B,

You may want to ask the Mayor about this one. If he does not answer then ask one of his boys.

Jason Brad Berry said...

no I can't explain it. I know for a fact they have been investigating AFO for a while, but I have no idea as to why they haven't reported it yet unless they are waiting for information or some event to take place regarding the issue. Or maybe they don't want to put another black eye on the city by tarnishing the mayor's image any more than what it already is.

All I know is that they know about it.

bayoustjohndavid said...

You might be right, there was one line in Stephanie Grace's column today that makes me wonder. But like I said before, the paper can ignore things all it wants, that doesn't keep the Jeb Hensarling's in congress from launching investigations.

Anonymous said...

A lot of other people are reading that comment - you know, the one that is making you piss in your pants - with the addition that we all know that you are not interested in the truth.

We know you won't publish that comment. All of us. It is so evident to everyone now(the real press, included) that you are not interested in the truth. Greg Meffert is smarter than you are - all legally, too - and you feel like a big political loser. You are right.

Anonymous said...

Just got a hit from the same source which arrived at PGR while conducting a search for:

Seems Anthony's stepping down, but stepping out.

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah,,,,we're watching the same thing.