Saturday, March 03, 2007

Camera Contract Redux Chapter...oh...let's say 3

ImagineANON # 1:

Start reading on page 30 and go up for a more balanced view.

So you're saying that on page 30, that Kurt was under the assumption that he had authorized the use of "4.9" which I'm assuming is the frequency of wireless spectrum you would use to transmit the data from the cameras?

In his response below that, Perrin notes that he had not officially authorized it until the day that email was sent.

Basically what you're saying is that Active Solutions and Southern Electronics were incompetent and were not getting the job done, correct? Also there seems to be a large amount of unpaid invoices to Southern which was slowing the whole process down, am I correct about that?

Let's assume that's true for sake of argument...that the contractors were inept (I'm not saying they were, I'm just saying that I'll play along with that). That still doesn't answer the following questions:

Who authorized the city and/or Netmethods to install the cameras which Perrin mentioned? Where is the labor contract for that work and who did the actual labor? Is it a line item in the state contract with Dell or was a there a separate contract issued...which is what should have happened? How was that done without approval from City Council? Was it put out for RFP as it should have been if Kurt was in fact pulling the contract from Active Solutions/Southern Electronics? I understand it, the state contract was with Dell, correct? Was Dell contracting Veracent for any services and/or equipment? I believe they Veracent was building the plastic camera boxes...selling them to Dell who then put them on the State contract and sold them back to the city at what markup? Who authorized that, Meffert or Kurt? And are you going to tell me that neither of them were aware of this inflationary loop set up by Veracent?


Anonymous said...

Ok, so what I want to know is when are the Feds going to take down Meffert, St. Pierre, Kurt, Domke and Nagin? This is looking more and more obvious with each passing month's exposed corruption and scandal. And Nagin keeps turning a blind eye, ducking and covering. When is enough enough? Do we have to wait for a few years, ala Morial? It'll be too late then. AFO and Meffert's investment companies will be running New Orleans like the mafia. Time for them to take that yacht and float away. So which one of the above crooks is ANON?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Nagin isn't turning a blind eye....Nagin is complicit. Nagin knows full well what's going on.

The thing is it's really hard to bring charges up on shit like this. In the case of Perrin and St. Pierre's threats....that's word against word.

I think if the Fed went after Imagine's financial records, they would find a lot....but I don't think they're going to go that far. Meffert was using an Imagine company credit card the whole time he was CTO and bragged to people that he had run up over 80 grand in a year on it....but I would bet it was in St. Pierre's name.

I will say this....I believe Morial was worse than Nagin. That doesn't excuse Nagin, but Morial had his fingers in everything.

What really pisses me off is that this is clearly costing the city...right now, at this very moment. Plus, I've been told the cameras Veracent is using are shit....they'll last the rest of Nagin's term and then the whole fucking lot of them will probably have to be replaced.

I don't know what to do to stop this shit other than what I am doing...I realize I'm just pissing in the wind and so do they. So No, I don't think anything will be done while he is in office.

But I'm gonna keep pissing....I drink a lot so I've got a lot of ammunition :)

As to the identity of the Anon...I don't know. If I had to guess I'd say it's Domke...but I'm not sure about that.

Anonymous said...

you're not pissing in the wind here damabla. you're serving a higher purpose. our city needs this kind of transparency if we're ever going to make it a better place. please keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again bro. Not Domke. You will never guess who's Imagine Anon #1. Good luck trying though. And yes, you are pissing into the wind, becuase these people have done nothing wrong. Its really ashame you focus on things you think are bad and over look all the good this group has done for the city.

Do you know that a select few of these guys were extremely instrumental in setting up the Emergency Operations Center following the storm. They were instrumental in getting the first line of communications up following the storm. That many of thier houses were destroyed and famlies seperated across the country, and yet they put themselves in harms way, leaving friend and family behind to make thier way to the city to assist in any way they could. That they saved lives. That they put thier lives on the line daily after the storm for strangers.

How can you group all these amazing people together and call them crooks. I know you won't post this, but you have to realize these people have done MUCH MORE good then bad. They love this city as much or more than you and want to see it become what we all want it to; GREAT!

Shane said...

"but you have to realize these people have done MUCH MORE good then bad" Are you acknowledging that something bad has been done?

All the beneficence in the world doesn't excuse gaming the system at the public's expense. That's like saying we shouldn't go after a drug kingpin because he built a community center in his neighborhood or the mafia because they sponsor the St Joseph's altars every year.

If you can't do things above board, according to the rules, don't try. Stay out of it and let someone ethical do it, someone who truly cares about doing the right thing and making the city a better place.