Saturday, March 31, 2007

In the interest of disclosure

i just got this stupid frikkin' email....I'm so tired of this crap:


Since you are so interested in politicians investments and friends why don't you research the Mitch, Mary, Moon, Kathleen Blanco, David Vitter, Harry Lee. It seems that you're only interested in disparaging Nagin because of the Chocolate City comment. I can assure yoy you will find a tremendous amount of underhandness from the above named politicians. You want to rant about politicians go after the crooked ones. As you know you will not find anything crooked about Nagin, Mitch lost get over it.

Let me make this very clear....if you have any information about the misuse of public funds..ANY INFORMATION about the misuse of public funds....tell me. Otherwise....SHUT THE FUCK UP! seriously. I'm so tired of little fuckers like this whining about me only picking on Nagin and then not providing any information to support their accusations about other politicians....either tell me something valid or shut the fuck up.

And in the meantime...this site is littered with Nagin's crookedness. Try reading it.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, yes. SHUT UP. Nagin is our pointman in the recovery now, and as such, he's the one we really need to hold accountable, because even before the storm he's proven to be as crooked as any Louisiana politician. What, you wanna dig up stuff about Huey P. Long while we're at it? That'll do us a lot of good right now.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

It is truly mind-boggling that Ray has ANY defenders, even if they are puny little pissants who can only fling monkey shit at the walls in semi-anonymous e-mails.

But then, there are still huge herds of sheeple out there who still defend DUMBYA, so I guess that anything is possible, eh? Y'know, aside from those who are profiting directly from his sickening cronyism and widespread embezzlement. Kinda like Ray.

The election that was purchased for Ray was the last time that I voted in NOLA before I moved, and there was NOBODY on the ballot that I believed in --- so I voted for the best name on the list: Ray "SUPERMAN" Jones. And I kinda think that even Superman Jones could've done a better job than Nagin ever will.

Nagin is to "democrat" as Karl Rove is to "democracy."

Anonymous said...

I agree. Whoever sent you that email is obviously trying to get the heat off Nagin by creating another outlet, be it true or not. The point is, Nagin is the one running the show and in a manner that is not benefitting the city. If you think Nagin is innocent, then he has nothing to worry about. If you think the Landrieu's are crooked, then show us proof. The truth will come out...some way or another. Those who are innocent should not fear,right?
But it seems like those who try to defend Nagin and his cronies are just blowing hot air! They know they're in way over their heads and have gotten too greedy and too sloppy! That's why all the back tracking is happening.
So, ditto to Anon. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is he's reading it. That's why he's trying to discredit the postings by making it seem as if someone has an axe to grind. This is classic meffert. Remember he was some kind of psych major. He's just trying to get people to think twice about the validity of the content. Dambala hit it right. No one is turning in information about other politicians. Maybe Meffert can answer that without saying it's coming from scorn contractors. If they're scorn, then why?

Keep the heat up. The bird is almost cooked.