Thursday, March 15, 2007

Radio Ga Ga

Tune in to Garland Robinette today (Thursday 15th) on WWL @ 2 to 4 p.m. We may get some answers.


Anonymous said...

No review on the radio interview yet?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I missed it...anyone have comments?

mominem said...

I heard a little of it (you were mentioned) and Meffert was tap dancing as hard as he could.

Garland was over his head.

I only listened for a few minutes while in the car.

oyster said...

Mef is an evasive buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Sounded like there are truely 2 side to this story. I really can't wait to see the end results. The last caller brought up some interesting points.

Jason Brad Berry said...

The last caller being St. Pierre's wife?

Look....none of you Imagine fuckers....none of you have given valid answers to the questions on this blog. Although I didn't hear the radio interview, I would trust Oyster's synopsis over anyones.

I don't know what Robinette asked him...I wish I could have been on the show or Grant Holcomb.

Anonymous said...

Oh, someone is a little sensitive, "none of you Imagine fuckers". Seems like you will trust the synopsis of someone that is on your side of the issue without questions, but god forbid if someone gives defense from the other side you start your response by slinging curse words. That is nice.

Greg said that there are far more non-Southern (I don't know the other company's name) cameras working then there are Southern cameras working. Sounds like something good is being done. Cheaper cameras that work better, what is wrong with that?
And I have no idea who "St. Pierre's wife" is, in fact I don't care. When the story turns, you start with the name calling. Can anyone prove that Greg is a "gay scientologist"? What if I were to stoop to your level and call you a "gay scientologist", would that be Ok? Would you like that? Would I be right? Can you prove that you aren't?

BTW, I do no work for Imagine or any of its off-shoots.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Oh no, no...I use profanity at every turn, it has nothing to do with sensitivity, it's a which I enjoy immensely....fuckstick.

I don't see a "defense". And for the record I never called Meffert a gay readers did and I completely ignored the gay part but posed the question "is he a Scientologist?" after multiple commenters asked the question in regards to Earthlink getting an exclusive contract with they city for the wifi was pertinent only in the respect that he had an interest in getting Earthlink the contract. I have refrained from publishing personal attacks on him or any of these guys and believe me I have received many....this is about corruption pure and simple.

And you still haven't answered the questions posed on this blog or by Russell, or by Holcomb.

"There are more non-Southern cameras working than there are Southern cameras working." Ok great....that doesn't excuse St. Pierre blackmailing Perrin, it doesn't excuse the inflationary loop set up by Veracent via Dell, it doesn't excuse Kurt from re-directing the installation and sales from Active Solutions and Southern without an RFP and directing it to St. Pierre.....

Quite simply.....this isn't personal....answer these questions or shut the fuck up and troll somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Anon is a little sensitive. Maybe he or she would like some cheese with his or her whine?! If you can't take the curse words...then move on. Anon, you are right about one thing, there are 2 sides to every story...the problem and Meffert can't explain your side because your side points too close to the truth!

And another thing: The caller, "Tammy", did NOT bring any interesting points at all. All she did was try horribly to bring up numbers or statitics that still didn't answer the question: "If the public perception is that Meffert is involved in corruption or kickbacks through his friends, why can't he gather up his cronies and say "this is wrong" or "the gig is up guys" or "maybe we need to look at things differently and submit RFP's per protocol as required"?

The thing is he can't and he won't because He doesn't get it!

And what the hell does the Camera situation and Gordon's report have anything to do with the accusations of Meffert being a gay scientologist?
Why even bring that up? Is he a gay scientologist? Maybe you know something we don't.

Besides, Dambala doesn't have to prove anything to you or Meffert.

Like D says...if you don't like it..."troll on", fuckstick!!!