Thursday, April 26, 2007

Aye Carumba! OwattaassIam

All right....I gots lots o' work to do, the Zombie mailbox is overflowing.


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In the meantime....let me officially put this one in the grave.

From the Edwards campaign:


Thank you for the post. I just want to clarify that the Edwards
campaign paid the vendor in a timely manner (I believe within a week
or so of the event). The vendor, however, did not fulfill his
responsibility and pay the subcontractors in a timely manner.
Clearly, this was a huge problem and completely unacceptable. No
vendor that we hire for any project should ever do such a thing to
other vendors they subcontract.

Upon hearing of this situation, I took immediate action to get this
resolved. The vendor has fedexed these checks.

If the checks do not make it to
them, we will take another course of action. The bottom line: they
will be paid asap.

And I confirmed this with one of the local contractors. Subsequently, I have deleted the posts on the issue at the request of our local guys. The power of the internet is an amazing thing...I didn't post this story for it to be used as fodder for campaign attacks or "swiftboating" (I'll cancel the 2 million dollar ad buys). Our Nawlin's peeps are getting paid so I have no problem taking the posts down.

So firstly...I want to make a great big bow to John Edwards and his campaign. I no longer doubt his sincerity or integrity on his pledge to help New Orleans. One of the contractors told me they were even ready to pay out of pocket if Sausage didn't pony up. That was above and beyond the call of duty.

Secondly....I want to say that I was egregious. I'm not apologizing for it, but I will admit it was an ostentatious display. I am indeed a much bigger ass than Mr. Edwards and he has proven as much....another bow sir.

However, having shown my assholeishness, I may have helped right a wrong and for that I will not apologize. In this case, my rear end may have justified the means...or something like that.

So Kamaaina, my friend...tell the folks at DU I accept any verbal abuse they may wish to unleash upon me...I deserve it all...even if some of them are, not all, just some...I took that one a little too far as well.

Our guys got paid...John proved his words carry water....let's relish this Asian Spa moment...we all got happy endings.

And for the record, I am now flip-flopping back to my original argument against Harry Shearer on the HuffPo....I appreciate the fact that JE turned the cameras on our city, and hope he continues to do so, and now we can rest assured the camera guys will get paid.

So not only am I an ass...I'm a flip-flopper. I have no chance of running for office.


oyster said...

I'm glad there was a happy resolution to this, even if you look like an ass for a little while.

It happens to the best of us.

Jason Brad Berry said...

that's not for a little while...I'll look like one no matter which angle you approach me.

Anonymous said...

I applaud you for admitting any wrong that may have been said...however, I applaud you even more for producing results when the local subs could not!! I'm happy that the subcontractors will finally get their money. I'm happy that John Edwards is, as I believed, a man of integrity. I had a feeling this would be resolved...very glad to know that it went in the "right" direction. Good job.

Now let's get Entergy!!!