Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Not only are we being raped with fraudulent bills by Entergy...now we're being forced to invest in their infrastructure:

Entergy gets OK to bill customers for new reactor before it starts operating

And what is the ROI on our forced investement? Nada....just a big, nasty, nuclear reactor which will increase the company's profits while they continue to strangle the life out of our city.

Next installments will be how to get off the Entergy grid. Believe it or not there are some innovative things happening in the city...developer Pres Kabacoff, with the support of Oliver Thomas, is attempting to get the St. Thomas area development (current and future) completely off the Entergy grid and onto a community maintained solar grid.

Morwen...I would appreciate it if you would fill us in on your solar conversion at your house...ie. costs, contacts, etc.


Anonymous said...

AZ, I'll have a package together very soon on Solar and Geo-thermal.

Anonymous said...

The best places to rebuild green are those where the vampires can't or won't rebuild their infrastructure: the two "Re-Build" areas, New Orleans East and the Lower Ninth Ward, plus pockets such as Tulane/Gravier, where the vampires supposedly said out loud at a meeting that they did not plan to restore gas!

One wonders if Pres has any plans for these areas. Lower Nine has an edge in that Brad Pitt's Global Green has already adopted it.