Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I told you to keep the faith, Maitri

Brooks-Simms goes down!! And she's throwing the anchor line around Mose' neck.

What's funny is the JRL software issue was actually chump change compared to the money being kicked back on Insurance contracts with NOPS. Also, Brooks-Simms didn't hold a candle to Gail Glapion's dirty dealings....take a look at the "Dollars for Scholars" program which Glapion was involved with...a non-profit with a 50% operating budget.

Hang tight and I'll have more on this per video.

And for the record....I called this two weeks ago:

American Zombie: FDB gets bitch slapped by the Fed

Oh yeah...I paid that sacrifice to Papa Legba 3 days later at the crossroads on Tchoupitoulas and Cadiz...he took it out in blood, skin and bone. This voodoo business isn't for the timid.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you did, Dambala, you did. I'm thrilled but, as Jeffrey opines, these corrupt bastards will be replaced with more corrupt bastards. It's an opportunity for Republicans to gain strength in New Orleans while doing nothing (and maybe the same underhanded things) in this parish.

Time to make our civic voice heard at more of these meetings and votes. Our children deserve far better.

Anonymous said...

Papa Legba hangs out at the Sav-A-Center? Is he that weird guy that rounds up all the carts in the parking lot?

Jason Brad Berry said...

M, I heard ya...that is a real threat. But for the record, simms was ousted by Lourdes Moran....she is wholly honest and very much a dem.


that's funny...and yes Legba is usually the crazy guy hanging out on the corner. Actually he lives on the crossroads and is the gatekeeper to the other side. Caciz and Tchoup near Sav-a-Center is where i crashed my scooter into the cop who pulled out in front of me and stopped. When you invoke Legba you never know what price he will demand....but it is always taken at the crossroads. This time he took a lot more than I was ready for.

I think it may be time for another Orisha post.

Anonymous said...

Ellenesse Brook sims had a consulting company with School board contracts before she was elected to the Schol board.. has anyone looked into those delings.

And the local press like gambit helped MS Sims win her first election when they declared her opponents to be non serious and did not publish any platform or proposal information from either of her opponents.

In fact one of her opponents received 44% of the vote, definately a sign that the public considered that opponent serious(Peggy Katingill, who unfortunately was a terrible public speaker).