Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nagin's "Crackdown" on more Dog & Pony Show

Remember when shortly after Nagin took office, he made sweeping reforms to the taxicab bureau - ridding it of corruption and setting the tone that city business would be on the level from that point onward?

An informative cab ride yesterday confirmed that not only is the taxicab bureau still corrupt - it's blatantly corrupt - with staffers there actually soliciting potential cabbies and offering to secure licenses for $50 under the table, with no need to pass the required test.

Maybe it was because this cabbie had a nice, clean lincoln - but he said his inspection a few months ago was a joke. The inspector looked at his cab and slapped a piece of paper on the inside of his windshield, without checking anything, telling him the station didn't have any real validation stickers, and they'd do the "real" inspection next time he came back (6 months later).

Nagin continues to tout his reform of the taxicab bureau as an example of his anti-corruption position. While in fact it's an example of the way things are running right now at City Hall.

The bigger issue here is that poor taxi service can be detrimental to a city's tourism industry - especially when it comes to attracting groups and conventions. It's a huge challenge right now for us, and it's not going to get any better until we make some sweeping changes of city government ourselves.

It's pathetic...he singled out the Cab issue: 1. To posture himself as a reformer 2. To Send a warning shot across the Morial camp's bow. 3. Because it was a relatively "safe" arena as opposed to other areas which would have opened up a real can of worms like the RTA.

He performed this song and dance while simultaneously pushing Meffert and his cronies into the city IT department under a no-bid contract per an "emergency procurement".

Here we are some six years after Morial....just as crooked and corrupt as we've ever been...maybe worse. At least Morial had some level of competence and didn't incessantly insult other cities.


Anonymous said...

Again I restate the fact that corruption is in the blood here. It is going to take generations to get over it and only with proper education. This is not something that will/can be fixed over night with a march.

bayoustjohndavid said...

That dog and pony show is what made his rep, that and "experts" like Susan Howell insisting that he's honest. I guess if I had a Phd I might understand why an honest administration (that isn't dealing with terrorist threats or anything) would answer so many questions with demands for FOIA requests.

He did do something at the RTA, but that was an even bigger joke than the taxicab bureau. Ultimately the city ended up buying out Haydel's contract for about a half million. Along the way, Nagin's bother-in-law tried to get a $100,000 piece of the pie. But that was okay because it was just his brother-in-law.

Hope you're feeling better (also hope you have witnesses) would have emailed or commented with best wishes earlier, but didn't know if that would just be more stuff disturbing your rest. Take care of yourself.

Jason Brad Berry said...

no doesn't take takes term limits and people having the balls to expose the corruption. Case in point: Midura beats Batt...Head beats Gill-Pratt....those were major victories and they are beginning to pay off for us.

You must be the fat kid who sits on the sidelines making fun of the other kids on the field. So yeah, we heard you the first don't have to keep restating your point.

Jason Brad Berry said...


thanks bro....i'm vic'ed out so pain isn't all that bad right now :)

G Bitch said...

Ah, the sweet ease of Vicodin...

"In the blood"? Like we're all infected and from the same rotten stock? Just because the fuckateers in power are corrupt bastards who see public service as a get-rich-quick scheme doesn't mean every damn person on the ground is corrupt or supports corruption. Part of the reason nothing has gotten better is this attitude that it is hopeless and just the way things are. The status quo will always protect itself and claim things cannot be any different, or at least will take generations to solve. Funny how political corruption will allegedly take generations to solve but the morass of what we've called public education should fix itself in a year.

Jason Brad Berry said...


You're the tight end who keeps second guessing the QB in the huddle.

Anonymous said...

Hey J, you could not be further from the truth. I am actively working with kids to, per say, reprogram them.
And D, you are a little right. It may not take generations but it will not be soon. But only when people work together. Still not the fat kid on the sidelines and not making fun of anyone..that doesn't deserve it at least.

Anonymous said...

I would say "right of middle", but that is pointless. I'm more enforcing the difference between right and wrong as well as charma. I don't promote modern religion, conspiracy theories or anything like that. So don't worry.