Thursday, July 12, 2007

This post has absolutely nothing to do with David Vitter...

Unless you count the title :)

If you wanna stay tuned to that action then get over to Oyster's house....I think he's officially become ground zero for all things Vitty. He's accrued more information in the past few days on Vitty than our DA's office could have garnered in the past 4 years....which brings me to this....

While we were all caught up in Vitty's libido , did you happen to notice this TP story on Nagin lambasting Eddie Jordan?

I love this:

"This pattern from the District Attorney's Office is unacceptable and must improve immediately or I will ask the Attorney General to conduct a full investigation into this office."

Ray, Ray, you really want the Attorney General to start conducting investigations? Do you know something about Jordan's office that we don't? Are you foreshadowing Eddie's demise or just throwing random daggers to make yourself feel better about our prolific murder rate?

I have a hunch....I recently found out that Ellenese Brooks Simms not only wore a wire with Mose...but 8 other people...that's right....8. Who are those 8 people? Could Eddie be one of them? Why Jordan you ask?

If he is implicated in the Simm's fallout....the answer may lie with Cynthia Willard Lewis' father, Elliot "Doc" Willard.

Doc was given a "PR" job with Jordan's office shortly after Eddie fired all the honkys on his staff...Doc was also an NOPS board member. Now the real problem with Ellenese is that she has a really big mouth and she liked to brag about how powerful she was....she told more than one person that Jordan had laid the law down with Doc that if he valued his job he "will vote with questions asked." I'm not sure if that is criminal or's certainly unethical...I don't know what the crime would be though....extortion, maybe?

I bring this up because I have a hard time believing Nagin would attack Jordan publicly and call for an "investigation" unless he smelled blood.

So another Zombie prediction.....Jordan is on the Feds radar in the Simms' fallout. That's just a guess....we'll see.


Anonymous said...

I think that Nagin is just positioning himself politically against Jefferson and all of Jefferson's buddies including Jordan. I would be surprised if anything turned up on Eddie. The Daneel St. shootings was a incident for Nagin and his NOPD messed up. I'm all for the Attorney General getting called in to show that the DA's office was handed a crappy case with no further assistance from the NOPD.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- I think that Nagin is just positioning himself politically against Jefferson and all of Jefferson's buddies including Jordan.

that I don't doubt...but I'm not so sure Jordan is immune. we'll see. I don't know anything about the Daneel St. case...can you expound?