Monday, August 27, 2007

Once again...the market is deciding

The Couhig/Nagin "Let the market decide" solution is reaping it's's devouring this city.

Keeping up is costing more

Aside from the obvious gentrification effects, we're going to lose what little middle class tax base we actually have. While the price of common goods and gasoline can't be regulated, there is so much which can: taxes, insurance, and most This unholy trinity will kill this city if continued to run unchecked.

Our recovery is contingent upon New Orleans family households' economic sustainability...pure and simple. If we continue down this path, it's just a matter of time before people start bolting for greener pastures.

We need a strong leader....we have a village idiot. He can't run a city of 200k desperate people but he's aspiring to run a state of 4.2 million desperate people.

Fail foward....great strategy. He seems to have picked up a lot from his republican cohorts in the White House.

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