Sunday, August 26, 2007

Whoaa....the ponies aren't in the gate yet

I just got word that there's another entry in the 3 horse field...I think it's a long shot but he's on the race form.


None other than our old friend Ernest Collins, the mayor's former Television, Film, Tourism (and whatever hell else they could think of) Director. I'm quite sure it is a LIFT issue, but it could be anything.


Ernest Collins Exacta: 80:1

no odds on Quinella or Trifecta....can't back that.

So far I've got one bet from Varg, he took the Shepard/ Willard-Lewis Quinella for $20 at 25:1 odds. I think that's the smartest bet. I'll owe him $500 if he wins...but I still haven't charged him for his grandstand seats :)

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