Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Careful Ray....

When you remove a tick you have to remember to get the head as well as the body....or it will just keep sucking you dry.

City promises to pay overdue bills, averts loss of phone service

This is probably the best synopsis of the entire Imagine, Veracent, Benetech labyrinth I've seen Russell provide yet. It is complicated, but well worth the read if you want to understand what was going down.

So Ray must be scared....he's cutting ties with Kurt and, on the surface, Aaron Bennett as well. Now keep in mind Benetech has received numerous contracts with city since the storm....from IT services to removing the flooded cars from the city. These guys are one stop GSA shop for contracts the mayor needs fulfilled.

I think Ray Ray may be doing a little side-step and distancing himself from his past transgressions. Unfortunately for him, it appears his former homeboys left plenty of hooks in him while he wasn't looking. It'll be interesting to see if he can successfully shed his old skin and rid himself of the parasites.

If I was Ray....I would tell St. Pierre to go fuck himself and eat the equipment sitting in the top of One Shell Square. The absolute minimum measure he should take is to draft a legal document which gaurantees that the equipment will be immediately moved over to the hands of the new IT contractor upon paying the 200k St. Pierre is holding it hostage for:

But after three months of inaction, St. Pierre signed a five-year lease himself and then rented some of the bandwidth back to the city. No formal agreement exists.

Poor Mark...he had to set himself up as a middle man to keep the city's crime cameras running. Oh by the way....did I mention that he and Kurt finagled that contract away from a company which was contracted to maintain those services in the first place? He must really care about the city....putting his own company in such jeopardy, and blackmailing people in order to control that contract. Well put yourself in this position without a legal contract...I wonder why.

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mominem said...

The city has done stuff like for years. I remember 25 years ago I was kind of involved in an air rights lease with the city. We could find no one to actually sign the lease. Everyone was too busy.