Saturday, September 22, 2007

Could Google make my dreams come true?

You may recall I made a post about my impossbile dream of building a mag-lev monorail in the state which connects our major cities:

American Zombie: even zombies dream

One of my peeps just pointed this RFP for 10 million smackeroos for "sustainable transportation solutions". It looks like it's designed more to accelerate green cars and individual vehicles, but who knows....if we got Google to put up 10 million and we got the state to match that amount or siphon off some of that 1 billion dollar surplus we have...maybe it could happen.

Anyone wanna help me write a 5 page proposal and contact state economic folks? I would love to get progressive folks from all around the state to help with the process or at least sign their names in support of the project. I'm crazy enough to think we can actually make this happen.


Anonymous said...

The key to getting funding for an idea like this is the people on your team. Sure, your idea has to be killer. But you also need the people who can actually walk the walk.

Having people who just "put their name on the proposal" won't do doodly squat. What you need are people with real talent to do this.

There's a shortage of that here. Don't mean to put cold water on your idea, just some reality, from personal experience.

Anonymous said...

contact karen at regional planning commission, regional transportation expert, progressive.

Anonymous said...

Matter - you are right, sort of. Thank god this is a new day in New Orleans and there are people in this State and City who have talent this world hasn't seen. yet.

Thanks for connecting the dots, Zombie. We are going to do this thing. Karen Parsons, here we come.