Monday, September 10, 2007

Unless some opposition can rouse itself....

...we are poised to descend with non-partisan compliance into a moral and political disaster that will dwarf anything America has seen.

Harrowing statement, no?

I implore you to read this post on the HuffPO by Yale literati, David Bromwich. In a succint fashion, it may be the best written commentary I've read yet on the Iranian shithole we're about to dive into.

This comparison is rich:

Among many possible lines of inquiry, the senators might begin by recognizing that the United States has other allies in Asia besides Israel. One of those allies is India; and there is a further point of resemblance. In a distinct exception to our anti-proliferation policy, we have allowed India to develop nuclear weapons; just as, in an earlier such exception, we allowed Israel to do the same. But suppose we read tomorrow a statement by the director of the South Asia desk of the National Security Council which declared: "There can be no doubt that Hindus are to stand apart from any nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Hindu to be apart--except in India--from the rest of the population." Suppose, further, we knew this man still held these beliefs at a time of maximum tension between India and Pakistan; and that he had recently channeled 86 million dollars to regional gangs and militias bent on increasing the tension. Would we not conclude that something in our counsels of state had gone seriously out of joint?

That puts our idolatory foreign policy towards Israel in perfect context. What if India came to us and said "If you don't bomb Pakistan, we will." Would we rubber stamp a Pakistani attack in the same manner we are currently preparing to bomb the hell out of Iran? And don't tell me that Iran represents a greater threat to America than Pakistan, a country which already has a nuclear weapons program and provides asylum for more Al Qaeda, Taliban and Islamic "terrorists" than Iraq and Iran combined. (Not that I believe Pakistan poses any immediate threat to our country...I'm just providing context.)

Contrary to popular belief, none of our precious "carbon crack" comes from Iran but I'm sure one of the justifcations for the Iranian attack will be "how did our oil get under your sand?" Iran's impending threat to create an oil bourse based on the Euro is much more of an immediate impetus for American hostility than the Shi'a presence in Iraq or their burgeoning nuclear program, but I'm sure that item will be overlooked on the official marching orders.

Make no mistake, we're not about to plunge ourself into this fiasco for our own national security....we're pulling the trigger because Israel, Exxon-Mobil, Dick Cheney, and Joe Lieberman demand it.

The opposition Bromwich cries for is non-existent and even if an opposition movement did exist it would be impossible for them to peel away the truth in today's "state of the onion". FOX rules this henhouse and there's no way to break the spell over the chickens.

Gone are the days when the Executive Branch was required permission from Congress to authorize military force. Even if that protocol was still in place, Pelosi and her cowardly band of fools would silently sit on their hands while BushCo unravels the fabric of our democracy and destroys what little credibility we have left on the world stage.

We are insuring only one thing by attacking Iran....perpetual war. And this is exactly what BushCo wants....the new economy is War.

About 3 months after Katrina, I was bouncing around Washington, D.C., meeting with old friends who I used to work with when I lived there. One of my friends, one of the most distinguished social scientists on the planet and advisor to lawmakers on foreign policy, invited me out for drinks.

I was still in a naive state of mind....I was optimistic that the country was going to live up to Bush's promise, come to our aid, and make our city whole again. After a couple of bourbons, he dropped the cordial tone and hit me in the gut, "That's never going to happen." I didn't want to believe that, but coming from him....I knew it had to be true. "Why?...I don't understand." He procedeed to tell me that the Bush administration was headed down one path and one path only....everything else was irrelevant (New Orleans included). He said this roadmap was in place before W. ever took the throne and they couldn't afford distractions, i.e. New Orleans.

I assumed that path was Iraq...."No....Iraq is Midway. Iran is the target."

I remember hearing it and thinking that it would be impossible. There's no way, even at that stage in the Iraq war, that they could justify another war with Iran.

Here we are, the 6 year anniversary of 9-11, the two year anniversary of Katrina...everything he told me has come to pass with the exception of an Iranian attack....of which we are on the cusp.

We are powerless to stop this....we have no representation or voice in our government. Most Americans have no control over their own minds...much less their government. Short of impeachment...we are headed for even darker times.

From former NYPD member turned philosopher, Edward Mahoney:

Now shes heading for the big crash

She`s running with the white trash

The girl is moving too fast

She`s heading for the big crash

The big crash, the big crash

Well I wish she`d listen to me

And I`d tell her `bout the things that she doesn`t see

Tell her now before it gets too late

That she`s heading for the big crash

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