Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jordan and Bolar enter the race to the clink?

Southern Leftist has a major scoop on Eddie Jordan.

While SL is a solid resource...I'm still not counting on this one. I'm gonna put Jordan at 30:1 odds. Jordan is slippery...I can't see him getting nailed on this.

With Sheppard going down, all Varg needs is a Willard-Lewis indictment and he nailed a $1000 quinella...even though the deadline was up, I'll humor it for another 4 weeks.

According to one of one my A-list sources...look to the Best Bank for the next horse in the race. Rumor is Gretna Councilman, Jonathan Bolar, is on the fast track and running from the fuzz.

Due to the outstanding accuracy of this source, I'm gonna put Bolar at 4:1.

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