Monday, November 05, 2007

The internets is a terrible place

Apparently Mr. Sabludowsky over at Bayou Buzz is getting taken to task by what he calls, "A very deranged person (and probably a small group of individuals who do not like what they call “censorship”).

I tried to read one of the columns but of course I couldn't get through it. Check out the first sentence:

"The Internet can be a terrible place and even a waste. Bayoubuzz is finding this out so very well."

There are two columns here and here. If you can get through them, you're a better man than I.

"This primary poster in question and those that do not like any control over abusive content were using technologies forcing us to do the same."

Huh? Is he referring to the technologies of profanity?

Anyway I bring this up because I think the "primary poster" in question left a comment on one of my former rants about how bad Bayou Buzz really is.

mongo has left a new comment on your post American Zombie: Sabludowsky: sycophantic ass wipe:

stephen as of late has been under attack as of late on his own post he has been caught censoring posters he does not agree with i and my cohorts have been chastiseing him for his biased comments this guy is nothing but a propagandist please join in telling the truth about this so called journalist his lies are what gives other lawyers a bad name go to his site and post if he doesnt agree he will delete you we have also caught him posting under different monikers hes a fraud


sabludowsky is a no account journalist hack who censors people who dont agree with him on his post and than claims to be an advocate of free speech. after being censored several times i and my cohorts have been posting the truth about this lying cheating hack on his website please join me in being a thorn in this pricks side power to the people

While I agree with you wholeheartedly, Mongo...I think there may be some more worthwhile battles in the city than taking on this dipshit. Does anyone actually read that site anyway...I mean other than for comedic value?


Anonymous said...

I've met Sabludowsky. In point of fact, he's not a journalist at all; he's a lawyer, who wanted to make some money with an internet business. The problem is that he's kind of a nutcase who doesn't really understand how to go about achieving his goal. For a while, he kept adding me to his email spam list, and I had to keep requesting that he remove me. (After several rounds, he finally figured it out.) His "bayou buzz" is a no-account peckerwood kind of site; I would suggest simply ignoring it rather than trying to make any sense of it.

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah...that's what I was suggesting to Mongo...why waste your time?

Anonymous said...

Actually he is a brilliant man. Together he has helped shape our politicians' understanding of tech issues.

He might have even shaped Ted Stevens' Internet strategy.

See here:
[with a funky beat]

Jason Brad Berry said...

that's funny.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, in addition to my earlier Sab. comment, a Giuliani hit at