Thursday, November 29, 2007

My secret desire...

is to be a political cartoonist....but I am absolutely the worst artist on the planet. I can't draw water from a's that bad. Photoshop is my only creative outlet....and cameras.

If I were as talented as Mr. Peters...I would jump on this:

Bush: Pentagon planning layoffs, cutbacks

The cartoon would be something to the order of a giant Bush deflating the Pentagon with a hose....back to back with Cheney who on the other end of the hose is pumping out "Blackwater" into the neighboring Potomac River.

Or something to that effect. So you get the metaphor but now you know why I can't do what Greg does.


jeffrey said...

That's okay. You're more of a conceptual artist. You know... like Yoko.

jeffrey said...

Hey did I use the incorrect form of your/you're in that comment? Something tells me I may have... but I can't see it since it hasn't been moderated yet.

Nothing worse than agonizing over your suspected grammatical errors.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I'll be Yoko....I actually dig her.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Flash? Mark Fiore does some masterful work in that medium at One in particular you might enjoy is a wicked skewering of Clarence's "maintain the New Orleans brand" comment.