Friday, December 21, 2007

I wanna get on board with Edwards...but

I keep thinking I'm a John Edwards supporter but then he goes and does stupid shit like this:

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Today, Senator Edwards released the following statement on the New Orleans City Council’s approval of the HUD plan to begin demolishing public housing in New Orleans:

“I am disappointed in the decision today by the New Orleans City Council to approve the demolition permits that HUD needs to begin demolition of public housing in New Orleans. As I’ve said before, knocking down historic and livable housing that withstood the winds of Katrina is counterproductive to the goal of giving residents a home to which to return. Decentralizing poverty by encouraging new mixed-income income makes a lot of sense – I’ve proposed creating 1 million new housing vouchers to do exactly that. But eliminating housing where people could live – in a city with a desperate shortage of shelter – makes no sense at all.”

Notice the glaring mistake...I mean besides his lack of knowledge of the reality of our "desperate housing shortage"?

knocking down historic and livable housing that withstood the winds of Katrina

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.....dammit....NO! For the last time....the "winds of Katrina" weren't responsible for New Orleans destruction.


New Orleans was destroyed by the Federal Flood...our levees broke due to the gross negligence of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Please get it right.


Sophmom said...

Perhaps he (or his writers - just to be a realist) would be willing to hold a virtual town hall with some NOLA bloggers and y'all can help the guy along? I'd say his heart seems to be in the right place but he's not helping any with stuff like this.


Nola Blogger said...

Certainly, this can't be a surprise to you? Edwards is a hypocritical hack who could care less about New Orleans. He's been using us from day one to help fuel his ego-driven quest for the Presidency.