Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In case you don't know which news to be paying attention to right now

This is how pathetic our MSM news has become:

No offense to Heath Ledger...but this doesn't fucking matter. Nor does a Texas town wanting to be a UFO capital:

And Fox...Martians that look like bigfoot.

Meanwhile back in the real world....our financial market may be in an all out freefall by the end of the week. With every rate cut the Fed imposes the dollar will deflate proportionally. This shit is serious has the potential to affect our lives...dramatically. A Sasquatch on Mars will most likely not affect our lives...nor will a dead actor.

I would blog about the City Hall audit...but it really telling us anything we don't already know? I kind of feel like I've been conducting my own City Hall audit for the past two years.


Anonymous said...

so should i sell my haliburton stock?

Jason Brad Berry said...

hell no...pump Raytheon, Halliburton, McDonnell Douglass and Northrop Grumann. Also pump the Russian commodities pump poultry/chicken (don't ask me why, I just have a hunch...I think beef is gonna go up and chicken stretches your dollar further). I think mortgage companies are going to see a slight surge...but it will be in 3 months. Then when the dollar disintegrates...we'll all come to Jesus.

Short all retail and restaurants....that's gonna get ugly.

Anonymous said...

no intrest credit cards.

all big purchases from 12 month no intrest joints like sears and home depot.

5% 30 year home mortgage.

2 - 11,000$ four cylynder cars paid off with less than 30,000 miles each.

jesus if i could just get better health insurance i would look like fucking eienstein right bout now.

instead of the cheap bastard i looked like before katrina.

dambala thank you for posting mo' often again.

i get all jonesy when you take time off.

peace .

Anonymous said...

wait, this was just a false alarm. congress is sending me a check:

should i just ask for the gold equivalent? or do i need to wait for Ron Paul on that?