Thursday, February 21, 2008

what racist websites?

Nagin claims that the picture the TP published of him pointing a gun at Cheif Riley has been picked up by racist blogs and websites. Where are they? Which sites is he talking about? I've been looking for about 2 hours on Google and I haven't found a single one. Can anybody point one out?

A message to Nagin:

Here's an idea...shut the fuck up and answer the multitude of FOIA requests which have been submitted to your office over the past 3 years from activists like Matt McBride and Karen Gadbois. Or better yet, from reporters like Gordon Russell and Lee Zurik. Or even better yet, how about providing the PUBLIC INFORMATION Inspector General Cerasoli has requested and not received from your office. He's been forced to file subpoenas to obtain the information and you are legally challenging his right to do that....what are you hiding?

You have not only gone off the deep're obstructing justice. Why are you withholding public record?

We, the public, have a right to know where you are, what you're doing, and how you're spending our money. Especially when you're riding on Lear jets with contractors you are pumping money to, then paying them out of city coffers for the plane ride after that fact became public knowledge.

OR here's a better idea.....just quit....just leave.


dangerblond said...

Gosh, do you think he might be lying? No. That couldn't be it.

oyster said...

Have looked in some of the more hideous intertubes, and came up with nuttin'.

I'm sure there is something, somewhere, but I couldn't find anything easily-- and I was expecting to.

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah...i looked at some nasty shit as well. I didn't find anything either. I feel the need to take a shower after seeing some of that crap, but the only Nagin stuff I found was here:

I think he's posturing because reporters and Cerasoli are closing in on him and he's feeling the pressure. I think he thought if he threatened to take them outside and kick their ass that maybe they would back off.

jeffrey said...

Clancy Dubos and Tommy Tucker ("Garland is still recovering") also talked about not being able to Google any of this stuff. (Although Clancy says, "I didn't even think to do that") a few minutes before Clancy says

"There are a lot of people who blog and a lot of them do it anonymously and they say all kinds of spiteful things."

Audio here:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we have y'all to look in those nasty places for us. I'll take your word for it. Thanks, fellas.

He seemed more desperate than anything else to me.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the WWL interview and... what a CROCK of SHIT!! Listing his schedule (from last year, mind you) is public record. Just because WWL has "never done that before" doesn't mean they can't.

I don't think his life or his family is being threatened. That's just an excuse. If anything, Nagin is the one threatening violence to whoever "approaches him wrong".

Next time Nagin's out and about in an event, people need to watch out or they may get "cold cocked".

C- Ray, your time is comin! Emotional or not...the sweat beads running down your shiny head are too large to ignore! So, obvious!

mominem said...

Sea Ray is clearly delusional, but even paranoids have enemies.

At this point legally Clarence is responsible for providing evidence that his claims are valid.

He will never do this yet many will believe Nagin inspite of any evidence.

Anonymous said...

I have a cousin who books the banquet rooms for one of the "national brand" downtown hotels, and he was saying that a big dinner associated with the NBA All-Star game held at their place was attended by Nagin. When the waiters began to bring out the food, and the first items were placed in front of the Mayor he supposedly went ballistic. No "No thank you, I'm not eating tonight." He went straight to "Get that away from me! Don't put food near me! What are you doing?!? Get it away!" in what my cousin says the staff all described as almost a panicked tone. When the wait staff made to take away the offending victuals and asked if they could bring anything else for His Honor's pleasure he still seemed agitated. Even a visit from a manager was met with something of a rant about how offended he was that food would have been placed in front of a dinner. The cousin says the staff almost got the idea Nagin was acting like the food was part of some plot to "get him". I'm starting to think his grasp on reality is more tenuous than many might think.