Monday, April 21, 2008

Ya heard me

I have heard from a ..... hmmmm...... somewhat reputable source that New Orleans favorite G-Man, Jim Bernazanni, will hang up his badge in 2010 to run for office.

In case you haven't figured out which office here are your hints:

1. City position

2. An idiot is currently holding the offfice

3. The idiot's name is Nagin

He's been making the rounds at the Wednesday concerts in the square...shaking babies and kissing hands. If you see him out there...put him on the spot.


jeffrey said...

There was a Gambit item to this effect. A few weeks ago, I watched his grandstanding at the Shepherd indictment and immediately asked what he was running for.

E said...

Yup. The video that Jeffrey's referring to wasn't so subtle.

Who is this guy?

dillyberto said...

I'd like to see some Bureau photos of Jim when he was undercover in the Congo.

I wonder what can surface when a guy like Mr. B runs for office.

E said...

I'd love to hear or read your take on Jimmy's relocation...

Weird chain of events.