Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jeez....I just don't understand

Now how can there still be a problem with the crime camera contract?

Muppet explicitly states on his website that he personally installed all the cameras and "significantly" reduced crime in the city...haven't you guys noticed how well they're working?

But did Logistix install the cameras if Meffert was acting CTO of the city when the contract was first awarded to Active Solutions and Southern Electronics? How can Meffert take credit for the cameras when he was simply awarding a contract? I guess he's referring to he, Kurt, and St. Pierre's efforts to illegally take over the contract after it was awarded.

And if there is any issue with the cameras now...why don't we just subpoena all three of them to stand in front of City Council and explain why the contract hasn't been fulfilled and exactly what happened. According to this mumbling video on the Logistix website, everything was just peachy.


Anonymous said...

So it looks like the newest CIO is going to be the scapegoat, when it was really Nagin/Meffert cronyism that got us to where we are today?

Maybe the new guy will buckle and say something like,

"Hey, it wasn't me. I got handed this turd while Nagin and Meffert were smoking cigars on the Silicon Bayou. Look in THAT!"

Anonymous said...

More CTO/Silicon Bayou weirdness: The city's fancy-pants new website will not load here at my workplace. It always times out and throws me to Live Search (gag).

It will, however, load (eventually) at home -- over dial-up.

Carrying on the tradition of the late, great Ashley Morris' quixotic campaign for CTO, I hereby tender my own services.

True, I haven't actually worked in tech for nearly eight years -- but that only means my skills are as outdated as everything else over there! Plus, I'm presently based in the Pacific Rim, just like "Kaiser Ed" Blakely. And we all know how well that's working out...

KamaAina for CTO. The Next Best Thing.

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about the newest CIO? The one without a college degree making $160K a year. The one who did a "bid" for additional cameras and picked a company who had no experience?

He'll buckle alright, and say that he made this thing a joke.

As for you Dambala, when are you going to realize that Muppet is gone? I'm no fan of Muppet either, but he can take credit for the project because it was his idea.

And I don't understand why you keep throwing in words like "illegally take over a contract after it was awarded". Is it to stir the pot? If you were really trying to help the City you would do some research before spewing your venom.

I agree with you on one point, I just watched the Muppet video, and you're right, he was mumbling.

Have a nice day!!!

Jason Brad Berry said...

- but he can take credit for the project because it was his idea.

but you would propose he take no responsibility in the cluster fuck he created around the contract in order to get a piece of it....nice.

I've done my homework and it's posted in the archives of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's right, I forgot that you know everything and have "done your homework". Excuse me..

I propose that he take responsibility for that which he fucked up. Let's see, he's been gone for how long? Almost two years now, right? Well he certainly didn't fuck stuff up when he wasn't here, did he?

Look, I don't have a beef with you Dambala, nor do I with Muppet, but I have a real problem with this Anthony guy (with his high school diploma and cush job paying $150K) and his incompetence. Time will show that even though he inherited this project, he took the incompetence to an entirely new level.

My beef is with the overall incompetence at City Hall, from Kenya on up, and down. They lie about everything, can't make a decision about anything, and refuse to take responsibility for all.

Do I think the issues related to this are because of the vendor, whomever it is? Absolutely not. This issue should come down squarely on the shoulders of the technology chief, and he should be fired immediately. Should the council freeze the technology budget, hell yes they should, if they are smart.

Have a nice day!!!

Jason Brad Berry said...

- Well he certainly didn't fuck stuff up when he wasn't here, did he?

You mean like the 311 contract?

Anonymous said...

Chris Drake, Chris Drake, Chris Drake, Chris Drake

Why don't you look into the real mastermind behind the entire episode. You guys only have 1/2 the picture. There is much more to this.

BTW--the oridinal subcontractor actually installed 60 cameras (up & working prior to Katrina). That subcontractor quit the project immediately after Katrina due to questionable, if not high illegal, contracting practices that Drake, Meffert, et al were involved in. Wait did I mention that the Dell Corporation was involved in this mess as well and is just as complicit as Meffert, Drake, etc.

Lastly--the current CIO Jones is still alied with these guys. He was their plant to keep the corruption going.

Did I also mention that Meffert's buddy, the Police Chief of Baton Rouge, also handed Meffert & gang the camera contract as well? Of course that is mired in litigation and is being closely watched by the Baton Rouge FBI office.

Can't believe you guys haven't looked into the Wifi deal with Earthlink! If you think the Camera project is fubar then you haven't even researched the WIFI network foolishness.

Its ashame the FBI/Attorneys office hasn't been more involved in this.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I actually have posted on Drake and Dell when the original issues came up on the Crime Cameras.

But any info you can provide will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anonymous number 2. Pretty interesting revelations.

Do tell, what is "mired in litigation"?

You sound like a disgruntled ex-vendor.