Friday, July 25, 2008

Muppett oozes back out of the slime

Gentilly Girl uncovers Muppett's latest squirming.

I have to say, this is perfect for him.  I mean the republican party will surely relate to a crook like Meffert.  Its just perfect, I can see the local republicans planning this out:

"Hey, let's send one of the biggest crooks in our city to meet with our national party representatives!  That way they'll know we understand how they operate in Washington!"

"Well, we can't send Scott Sewell right now....he's all tied up in that HSOA litigation."

"What about Nagin!"

"Are you telling what he might say.  Besides he officially calls himself a democrat."

"Vitty Cent!  What about Vitter?

"He can't hustle anymore....he got busted."

"I got it!!! Lets send Muppett!  If anyone knows how to throw a party on the public's dime it's Muppett.....he's perfect!!!"

"Right!  He knows how to play the game, brah.  Maybe he can even bring some strippers from the Gold Club if he still has that Imagine credit card.  Or maybe we can figure out a way to charge it back to the city!"

"Sure...we'll have HSOA fly them up there on their corporate jet."

"Man...isn't it great to be a republican!"

Incidentally, there's a great article in the latest edition of Harpers on how Abramoff and right wing thieves took over Washington.  Good reading.

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Anonymous said...

I heard that Ant'ny Jones will resign ablout the time that the mailman delivers his Green Wave transcript.