Friday, August 22, 2008

Sue Entergy into Oblivion

If they do not honor their agreement with this city, we need to sue their ass off for every penny they've charged us (+ interest) for the past 50 years to build their Arkansas coal plant. Sue their punk asses into bankruptcy...then take whatever cash we're awarded and start a SERIOUS alternative energy initiative for New Orleans.

No ink in the TP today about this....amazing.

UPDATE: the TP did publish a story:

Council accuses Entergy of shell game
N.O. gets burned, Midura complains

A breakdown of the system of cost-sharing among the Entergy companies could be particularly devastating for Entergy New Orleans, which is the smallest of the Entergy companies and which suffered damage to its credit rating when it went through bankruptcy reorganization after the storm.

We have to get them out now....they are amputating ENO.  In order to continue to serve us they will charge us astronomical rates.

Watch their next move....they will go right after Midura with everything they've got and I'm sure the TP will facilitate that attack for them. I'm sure they're maneuvering around the remaining city council members as we speak...Carter being a prime target as he's running for a higher office.  You want to find out who's crooked on the's your litmus it closely.

Then of course they have their lapdog, Batt waiting in the wings to run against Midura in 2010...Jay apparently has no issues taking trips on Entergy's corporate jet and hence sucking Entergy's corporate ass.



Mark Folse said...

The city should simply treat Entergy the way they treat us. Set the water rates for their buildng the way they set energy rates for Entergy New Orleans.

Drive the fuckers out of town. Why would we want an office tower full of known racketeering criminals in the middle of downtown?

More seriously, the city should just say Fuck You and set the rates to whatever Entergy Louisiana is charging and tell Entery and their lawyers to go sue us.

Meanwhile, we should mount a nationally visible campaign to drive their headquarters out of New Orleans unlesss they are prepared to stop robbing us blind.


droudy said...

They're not just raping New Orleans, they're about to rape Baton Rouge, which is still in the dark and will be for the next three weeks.

These bastards need a class action suit dropped on their asses. Now.

Anonymous said...