Saturday, August 30, 2008

The sun shines bright....

...on my...

That's where I'm e-vak-ee-ate'in too. don't know where it is?? try this..

....and if "The Staff of God" rams my beloved city...I'll drown my sorrows in my birth state's finest offering while cursing that bastard God and his wicked rod:

As long as the corn does grow...bourbon will flow.

But actually, I can tell you all with 100% certainty that New Orleans will escape Gustav's wrath...How do I know this? I have it under Voodoo authority from a child of Oshun...yes I know Oya is the mother of hurricanes...but Oshun is stepping up to the plate against Gustav.

Every little gonna be all right.



Anonymous said...

Hey Dambala! Hadn't heard from you in a while and was worried about you. Glad you're high and dry -- and not in a dry county.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're there. I hope you're right. Just checking to make sure you were safe.

Leigh C. said...

Oh, honey, be well. Hang in there. I'll be praying for everybody's safety from my perch in Oklahoma City.

Mark Folse said...

Oya who causes the leaves to flutter
Oya, strong wind who gave birth to fire while traversing
the mountain
Oya, please don’t fell the tree in my backyard
Oya, we have seen fire covering your body like cloth.
—Praises of Oya collected by Fela Sowande and Fagbemi Ajanaku, in Orúko Àmút òrunwá

Anonymous said...

when do you head back?

Professor Zero said...

Ashe Dambala!