Monday, October 13, 2008

Just watched this and brought back some pretty strong memories

Watch What Really Happened? - The Full Story (Hurricane Katrina) in News Online | View More Free Videos Online at

It reminded me of being in the city during that time and seeing Chertoff (with Honore in tow) strolling through the Entergy Center on his way into the Superdome....where I had just left. He later went on T.V that day to say "It's really not that bad..." I remember laughing hysterically at that comment...of course I was pretty hysterical anyway. He's dodging a puddle of piss in this shot....I remember thinking...if this isn't "that bad" I wonder what life in the Chertoff house is like.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That was too hard. Brought back a lot of memories here too. When Williams says "the faces" I know what he meant. I wasn't in the Superdome, but the people my husband and I met as we were taking food and ice and water around to them, in places no one knew there WAS anyone, are burned into my head at night too.

As for the death toll, in the last four weeks, two "survivors" committed suicide, and this just among my acquaintances. I truly believe they were Katrina casualties. We all had a chunk of ourselves destroyed in that storm. For some the chunk was just too big.

Utterly life changing in so many inexpressible ways. I still cry.

Mr. Mike said...

Ya, that was hard. I'm just glad that they showed some of the good people. You hear a lot of the bad people that were there.
Then the "wake-up call", human behavior. I tell everyone I know and meet that are not from here that New Orleans is not REALLY like that. But when you rely on the government to take care of find that it's not their responsibility!
New Orleans is a good place! This is why I'm still here...but we have to change! We need to take care of ourselves and not live with our hands out!

Banzai Bill said...

Wow. I had evacuated, and by Day 3 I was pissed off at the lack of help to MY CITY! Day 4? Day 5!? Come on!!!

I will never forget. It feeds a deeper anger in me about how THIS government can totally neglect whole communities and classes (and races) of people.

I am so looking forward to a change in the next few weeks.

I believe Katrina will ultimately be seen as the first hammer against the wall of the so-called "compassionate conservative" Republican party.