Saturday, October 04, 2008

Looks like Muppet is still funneling city cash...

Anonymous said...
The thing I found most interesting is the article said the new guy is conducting a forensic audit. The funny thing can anyone conduct a forensic audit when all the cronies that Anthony Jones put in place are still there.

Muppet and crew is still there behind the scenes. Hence the political oped in today's paper about the public kiosk. Surprised Muppet sold cameras...well guess what?

HE SELLS PUBLIC KIOSKS TOO!!! Check out Ask Bruce Eggler if the kiosks look familiar?

TP COLUMN: ALSO: Information . . . please?; It's chilly at City Hall


Anonymous said...

Bruce Eggler reference:

Anonymous said...

I went to the kiosk site expecting some big thing. All I see mefert is trying to sell new stuff pimping what he did.
Its called a resume man, hardly a conspiracy.
With real crooks like jeff getting re-elcted you still think its front page if mefert burps in an elevator.
Sjoan on nola is right. What you and the pic guy sjoan see so interesting in mefert is beyond me..another nagin loser. Whatevah!

Anonymous said...

The gist of the Eggler piece is the inefficacy of yet another software program "designed" by Meffert, Jones, et al. Nagin keeps funnelling money to them. The website isn't the issue, man. Dopes hire based on one-sided self-promotions like that crap. Nagin's not that dope.

Anonymous said...

Chris Drake who was the architect of the camera project scam under Meffert:

Here Drake boasts of being a Consultant to the City while working for Logistix

And now we have Chris Drake announcing that he was only a Project Manager working on a "Contract" basis only on the camera project.

Funny because Chris Drake had an official City of New Orleans email address and on his emails it says:
Chris Drake
City of New Orleans
Mayor's Office of Technology

If he is a contractor for the city why didn't he use the Logistix contact information?
Chris Drake
Logistix, LLC

His biography shows that Mr. Drake didn't work for the City of New Orleans at all because the city of New Orleans was a customer of NetMethods while he was CTO and of Logistixs.