Thursday, November 13, 2008

Head and White get their bitch on...

this is too good

then of course Ray has to get in on it and play the race card.

It is my understanding that a council member verbally abused the City sanitation department head, used profanity, and boldly proclaimed very crude race-baiting remarks during a public meeting.

What the fuck does race have to do with anything Head said? What a load of bullshit. White deserved that lambasting because she's frikkin' incompetent....not because she's black. The days of hiding behind the race card have to come to an end if we're going to move forward in this city. It seems the rest of the nation got that memo, but Nagin must have missed it due to the fact his head is so far up his ass.

Nagin is the one race-baiting...not Head.


Anonymous said...

This bitch session represents what's fundamentally wrong with New Orleans and why regardless of race this City will never an Atlanta or Houston. Detroit yes.

Both Head and White are ignorant. That's the bottom-line. When ignorance is so abundant in a community that an Elected Official and appointed Dept. Head end up with mics and an audience something like this is bound to happen.

Let's face it White is White. She has left no guessing when it come to her lack of professionalism and ignorant demeanor.

Head would be better off giving head with her mouth than talking. The thing I don't like about Head as with many "Post K" leaders is that they feel because they are busting Ray Ray and crew balls that it's an excuse to become ignorant and demeaning. Somehow they feel they are scoring points with the community by displaying the "I am going to 'em" attitude and they care so much for New Orleans that they are willing to "go ignorant" on it's behave. Bullshit.

I definitely believe and hope that Council keeps Ray Ray and crew feet to the fire. Only because it may help the Citizens carefully choose the right person for Mayor regardless of race. But if you look at the way Arnie Fielkow does tough questioning and Head and Midura behaves (especially Head) it's apparent that Arnie maintains his cool but continues to plow for the answer. He cleverly poses his questions and follow-up questions in a way that the only answer is a lie or the truth.

Arnie gives citizens of New Orleans the benefit of doubt that they are smart enough to see through the lies and efforts to hide the truth from the Nagin officials with going into ignorant exchanges and embarrass the Citizens of this City.

Imagine if President-Elect Obama had responded to MacCain in the debates with that kind of ignorant behavior. He definitely would not be President-elect today.

Ms. White's tenure is up in 18mths for sure. So that problem will solve itself. However, the way crooks and thieves keep getting elected here Ms. Head may very well be back. I am not suggesting Head is a crook or thief but rather that the Greater New Orleans electorate doesn't have much to choose from.

In a barrel full of mostly bad apples, this is what you get.

Clay said...

The only two city councilmembers that have any balls at all are women: Head and Midura. The male members are especially cowardly.

I think it could be a good political move for Nagin: race-bait right before the Dec. 6th election to "fire up the base" for Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

@anon: how on earth could you describe Stacy Head's behavior as "ignorant and demeaning"? She had been asking for basic, contractually-required information for over a year, was told repeatedly that it didn't exist, and then, poof!, during budget hearings, suddenly it's provided. (And somehow, despite in and out-migration, the number of households serviced stayed *exactly* the same - how odd!).

Thank god someone on the council still has the capacity for outrage, because this entire administration, and particularly this department and its director, are outrageous.