Saturday, December 06, 2008

A momentary acknowledgement

I just want to take a moment and thank our current city council.  They are all under ENORMOUS pressure,  day in and day out.  They get paid jack shit (40k).  Yet the current members have been vigilant and have sacrificed so much to get this city back on track.

I think they are doing a helluva job....and I mean all of them.

It's easy to crucify people in public positions....and it's even easier to forget that these people have very private lives, just like us.  

So....since Katrina....I think our city council members have kicked ass....seriously.  

I wish they could all take a year long break and regain their sanity....but unfortunately they can't.  Keep the faith...truth prevails.  To all of you...thanks for your effort. 

I also think both of our state senators have kicked ass....Mary...and yes, Vitter.  I think they have both done a great job....even though I personally despise Vitty Cent on an ethical level... yes, the hypocrisy is mind numbing.  Regardless,  they have  both fought hard for our Gret Stet. 

Alright...I got that out of the way.  The next post won't be such adulation and lovefestynish. 


bayoustjohndavid said...

I can never forgive Vitty-cent for the game-playing, misguided grandtanding, or whatever it is he's been pulling with Charity/LSUMC/VA hospital. With Florida trying to get the VA hospital and B.R. trying to get LSU, the combination of his games and the mayor's games could cause us to lose both. That goes beyond any idealogical dislike.

Even though I often criticize them, I've also always said that I have more respect for the two Cynthias than most bloggers seem to. Can't respect the guy who ran as a reformer, but there might be an element of personal peeve in that.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Duly noted....but I still think there's a part of me who has to grit his teeth and acknowledge Vitty for standing strong (with Mary) on Oil and Gas Royalties. Maybe I'm too liberal for my own good, but I appreciate the man's backbone on that single issue. He was an arrogant prick, but I think he's had a really good tablespoon full of humility....and I'm a forgiving man. So i forgive. But it doesn't mean I woud vote for him...i'm just acknowledging his effort.

oyster said...

Okay okay, enough of the perfunctory acknowledgments... now let's get to the dirt!

Anonymous said...

Yes, where's the dirt!?

E said...

yeah, getting anxious over here.

Anonymous said...

Damn frikking great City Council we have -- possibly the best in the history of the city. That might be a stretch to far. The best since I've lived in this city, and that goes back farther than I'd like to acknowledge. Thanks for saying it. They need the moral support.

Vitter? Smarmy dumbass. No different from Steve Sleaze.