Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Why the hell isn't this a class action?

And why hasn't our Attorney General at least asked the same questions on behalf of the Entergy VICTIMS in our state?

Mississippi attorney general files lawsuit against Entergy

"Entergy's duty to Mississippi rate payers is that they have to provide us with the cheapest energy that is reliably available," Attorney General Jim Hood said.

Does that quote sound familiar? It should. Councilperson Midura stared them down and told them they were not looking out for the best interest of New Orleanians by seeking cheaper energy.

Meanwhile Entergy is flying Jay Batt around the country on their corporate jet (paid for with money they raped from New Orleanians) and will no doubt pump tons of money into his campaign coffers so they can oust their little problem (Midura) in N.O. city council.

And I don't even want to get started on Jay Blossman. As our public service commissioner his job is to regulate Entergy, yet his pockets are being lined by the very company he's supposed to monitor:

“This guy is a walking conflict of interest every time he sits down at the table as a public service commissioner,” said Eyewitness News political analyst and Gambit Weekly editor Clancy DuBos.

You know, I may fucking run for public service commissioner in the next election.


Delta said...

Ironically, this suit has come about because of documents that came out during the LA trials. Hood has been trying to get Entergy financial records released for ages but didn't succeed until he got his hands on documents concerning pricing that came out in the other court cases.

Clay said...

...Because the PSC in Louisiana is too busy selling itself like a $2 whore:

Gill hits the nail on the head with that one.