Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Devil and Mr. Jones

Former New Orleans tech chief Anthony Jones is suspended for 120 days without pay

I'm reminded of the chorus to a BTE song:

So set him up,
Then let him fall.
Turn him over in your hands.
God save the King of New Orleans.

Did Anthony fall on the sword to save the King? I doubt it...I think the King is just trying to smuggle him out of the kingdom before the grand inquiry starts and the peasants call for heads to roll.

120 day suspension? Doesn't that sound somewhat absurd? 4 months? Why would he even stay on the job for that period....I'd just move on...try my luck in the merchant marines or something.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it possible, just possible that the IG office is beginning to pay off? I realize the report, crafted by Cerasoli and released by Odom (right?) may have precipitated things a bit for the feds but it sure has powered things into overdrive. And now it appears that the IG is going to go where the feds have not explicitly gone, the council emails situation. So for those in Nagin's krewe they are now facing the Council, WWL TV, WDSU, the TP, Ledet, Medley, the feds, the DA, AND the IG. And if there are any untouched servers or searches unperformed, the IG will probably tackle them. For anyone in that IT office it must feel like a shooting gallery in there.

Looking back to Dubos' timeline: White gets Washington's records request just a couple hours after Washington's? Washington, White, Nagin & someone in the IT department with access to the server (and technical knowledge to burn a cd, and maybe even run a delete at the same time) is all it would take to rapidly turn Zurick's request around. Anyone who has ever heard Tracie Washington on wbok radio would know that the idea of turning such a situation around - so that Midura, Head, Fielkow and that guy in Blakely's office (aka the "bad guys") would be the ones fighting her version of "transparency" - is something she would love.

Jason Brad Berry said...

of course it's paying off, and of course it is forcing the AG's hand.

Anonymous said...

Its going to get better.....72 hours and counting before Ms. Washington will be compelled to release to the Judge & public who she gave the council emails too.

Why not fire him because they afford a possible whistle blower lawsuit against the city if he is indeed one of the ones cooperating with the various federal agencies investigating this octopus.

This way he is not fired yet he is not being paid either. The FOAZ don't know who to trust or what to do at this point. The castnet is tightening ever so closely every day.

The million dollar question is WHERE IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? In other words where is Buddy Caldwell? Why isn't the State AG investigating this because it crosses Parish lines. Where y'at Buddy?

Anyone notice the usual suspects have been awfully quiet lately? Where are the poverty pimps this week and more importantly where is dear old Greg?

Guess Southern Electronics has tied him down in litigation. Anyone go to the Clerk's office yet and see if Meffert's deposition was recorded in the clerks office? HINT HINT to the investigative reports working this story

Jason Brad Berry said...

- Anyone go to the Clerk's office yet and see if Meffert's deposition was recorded in the clerks office? HINT HINT to the investigative reports working this story

I don't think he has but that will happen within two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that this has certainly pulled attention away from Nagin's need to comply with the City Council ordinance to come up with a plan for the city cars (which I think was 3/15)? Some smoke screen, C. Ray!

Jason Brad Berry said...

no it's not a smoke screen....He would love it if that was the only thorn in his side at the moment. That's minor compared to the shit currently going down.

Anonymous said...

As the commercial said, "I'm loving it!"

Anonymous said...

If the investigators would start looking at what invoices the Finance Department paid, say 4 years ago, there will be some eyebrow raising purchases.