Monday, March 16, 2009


Eli has officially named this tempest....and defined it methodically well to boot. It's a must read.


Anonymous said...

How about one more element for the timeline?: The transparency hearing on Thursday, February 19th? And then also the aborted hearing and events of of Wednesday February 25th and 26th? It's amazing how all of these dates run together.

Anonymous said...

Just one more comment - somone needs to point out the effect this will have on our city government. The City Council, especially folks like Head, Midura and Fielkow, have been - or were - extremely effective in terms of staying in touch with their constituents. It was not unusual for them to communicate by blackberry or email about a myriad of concerns. That has really been hampered I think; my guess is fewer citizens will want to email their councilmembers now knowing (or believing) that their emails could very well end up in some random third party's or authority's hands. Sad, not sure if that was an intended consequence (anyone recall the efforts of trying to reach past councilmembers or other current ones?) or an unintended one, but it's not just City Hall / Council relations and communications that will be chilled, it will also be those between the Council and the citizenry.