Monday, March 23, 2009

A very important FYYFF

Hey Louisiana Family Forum: FYYFF

Thanks, Ryan, for keeping us in the know @ The Daily Kingfish.

This is outrageous. Folks, I wasn't kidding when I told you the LFF was the most influential lobbying organization in the state. Now they're trying to re-district the entire state to get what they want.....a religio-fascist empire.

There is no FYYFF big enough for these pricks. Ryan sums it up pretty good here:


Not only because you're attempting to destroy the Democratic Party here in Louisiana, but also because you're attempting to wield your supposed cultural superiority on the rest of us. Not all of Louisiana buys into your conservative religious stances on everything. On top of that, not all of Louisiana is white. We've got Asians, Blacks, and Cajuns too. Did I mention the growing Latino population?

Guys, once again....I sound the alarm....this shit is very serious. The Nagin/White/Meffert crap is a big deal....but that's now in the hands of law enforcement.

Unfortunately, the LFF is running amok in this state, unchecked and unchallenged. If you think the LSEA(Louisiana Science Education Act) was an embarrassment...wait until they push a law banning homosexual kids from attending public schools....or something even worse. They are determined to make us the laughing stock of the civilized world.

Memo to Tracie Washington and Cabal: If you're really looking for racist it is on a silver platter. Turn your attention towards Baton Rouge and quit inventing battlefronts in New Orleans to protect slimy crooks. Go after the LFF with all your'll get the national attention you so desperately crave.

Memo to Adam Nossiter: Bro! Here it is.....the story of your lifetime! This has pulitzer written all over it. A lily-white, religious lobbying group (one generation removed from the Klan) meddling in state political structures in order to marginalize the black populous' voting prowess and influence....all with the unrestrained backing of the state's governor, a potential RNC presidential candidate. The world is waiting man.....write this story....let the world know just how fucked up and backwoods this state really is.

Memo to myself and fellow bloggers: Pay more fucking attention to the LFF.


Anonymous said...

Will be the topic of tomorrow's blog at Saw the article with their proposal and had planned on blogging on it, but NOAH with a June 1 deadline seemed more important for today's topic.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Cao have their endorsement?