Thursday, April 23, 2009

Completely forgot about that...

Anon brings up a most excellent point and refreshed my memory on an ancient post:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Wow": 

Let's not lose sight of the pattern here. This is one city vendor, one group of pals doing business with City Hall. The mayor repeatedly states he doesn't see anything wrong with the practice of having others buy him and his family trips. Think of all the trips this mayor has been on, and consider how he comes to this feeling of entitlement.

What was that you were once talking about with Georges and White and Nagin having a business deal on a casino? Any trips there? 

He refers to a rumor which was swirling that Nagin was part owner in a Casino in Mexico with John Georges and David White.


Anonymous said...

I almost pity the guys working the Nagin files; how do they keep up with all this?

Well, the issue is raised where Nagin gets his sense of entitlement. In my opinion a lot of people in NO & LA do not see any problem with self-dealing and barely grasp the concept of conflict of interest or refuse to accept that it is wrong or illegal.

To me, and tell me if I'm wrong, it still looks like Nagin is mall potatos compared to Marc Morial and maybe even to some of his predecessors (Barthelemy? Dutch? Moon? Schiro? Maestri?).

I don't think this can ever stop in NO. I mean, what if we get an ethical mayor next time out and he resists all the temptation for 8 years. What then? Another corrupt machine guy?

It's time people start discussing a permament fix, a change in the Charter, maybe a city manager form of government to wrap all those 150+ independent entities under one audited umbrella, like a real municipality.


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